Gentle Giant or Ravenous Monster?

So, the powers that be in the Fire Emblem Realms apparently decided to bestow this gift on me (I’m not the best at figuring out IVs, but this one seems pretty stellar)…

I’m not exactly sure how to build him to just destroy everything, but I know he has serious potential. Would a Quick Repost be his best B slot or is Wrath the best choice?? I haven’t really figured out his other slots yet, but those two seem to be optimal choices, or am I completely missing something?? Thanks in advance for any input!

P.S. Sorry if I don’t respond right away, with the kids home from school until the states off of lockdown (given the whole COVID-19 craziness), I don’t get to get online as much as I would like to…




QR is his best b slot. I recommend seeing those IVs putting maybe DC or a stance 4 in the a slot, atk smoke in c slot and some other stance in s slot. Bonfire/Ignis for special

But ye you should use QR in b slot or s slot.


The best thing about Mordecai by himself is his massive Def. Bonfire or Ignis is normally his Special.
His weapon lets you smite an ally near opponents, lowering their stats, and Buffing your own. If you want to use mordecai as a unit and not a smiter, he is good at being a physical wall that can deal damage, but is somewhat slow, and has poor resistance.


No @ me? :feh_elisad:



We know you like tellius, but we aren’t sure which ones you have. Do you have Oscar?


Do I have Oscar?


I’ve shown mine to you before, but here he is again.

I’ve started to merge Mordecai, but I haven’t gotten him in a while, he is at +4.


Oscar gang?

Wow we all have Favourite 4 on him.


Out of curiosity, how do y’all sort favorites



I got favourite 5 for ‘best’ aka Marth Caeda, etc

I got favourite 6 as ‘very good’ aka Catria, Fjorm, etc

Favorite 3 as food

Favourite 4 as ‘don’t kill’

The rest are useless

How do you sort yours?

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1 - Free Units
2 - Tanks
3 - To Be built
4 - Strikers/Offence
5 - Support
6 - Refreshers
7 - All round
8 - Debuffers

  1. Flora
  2. Is
  3. Best
  4. Gurl
  5. Dont
  6. @
  7. Me
  8. M8

It’s not about favoring units, its about sending a message


Why did you use a Chill Atk for the seal?? I’m terrible at figuring oit which seal to use, so I was just curious. Thanks for your insights! Luckily I only made Surtr 1+ and left the other two collecting dust. Thanks again for the input!

Haar has my close defense seal so :man_shrugging:

I use both Mordecai and Haar in Mjolnir so they can’t exactly both use the CD seal in that case

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Haha makes sense. THANKS!

I used Surtr’s A skill, because I only have one Distant Counter unit and too many heroes tend to have need for a DC skill.
Thanks for your advice. I totally didn’t think about using an ATK Smoke for his C slot, thanks again.

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Here’s mine, and since Katie quit the forum, I’ll represent for her also.
Mordecai is def worth the investment.

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Starters also go for Resplendent units and free units that I get that I didn’t have before also.