Get it together, MC

Just one comment about an ongoing theme in the plot:

For gosh’ sakes, Main Character, you’re embarrassing me. Quit making me pick which choice to use to tell competent mages that I don’t know beans about my own profession. Learn a freakin’ magecraft skill already. Some healing. Some divination. Illusions. Something. At least when you tell people you don’t know how to do X, Y, or Z you can tell them you specialize in W.

Look I know you’re busy. You’re saving the world. You’re doing great. I’m 100% behind you and maybe my advice is bad since you seem to have been winning so far. I’m just saying, you’re a diligent trainer, fantastic, so when you’re training, doing pushups is great but consider exercising your mental talents too.



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Tbh he isn’t really competent at magecraft. Learning those magecraft wil be waste of time. Our chaldea staff did give us Mystic Code though, which is much more efficient than wasting time on learning on Magecraft.


From what I understand of Fate lore, there really isn’t very much they could do to improve him. So much of a mage’s power is derived from lineage, if he lacks the innate potential, there’s not much point in spending their time on training him.

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Main character is dumb, like other characters like Mash…dialogues cringe worthy, most of the times.

I stopped caring about that long ago. In order to enjoy the plots i tend to skip Mash dialogues and Main character’s various replyes.

Else, i feel that my brain cells will burn.

Oh, and Fou too. Useless character that’s supposed to be cute but fails hugely. Annoying critter.

Yup, my personal opinion. Feel free to disagree, but i cant stand that level of dumb dialogues. I filter them out, else i would stop playing the game


I concur with the Author of this thread. I wanted the Main character to speak up for himself, show some backbone and tell Emo Master that No, you could not have saved the world any better than I did for 50 million reasons. 1. You Dead! 2. The Masters saw Mash as trash, and I believe that bond between them is what saved the day time and time again. Plus, this Masters innocence paired with his determination to not give up no matter the situation is what turned so many Servants to his side. Even though he had nowhere near the power or mage capabilities of other Masters he had qualities none of them had to offer. And in the end, it was this Masters attributes that convinced the good Doctor, there is something worth saving in humanity.

I too was disappointed in the dialogue of the main character when challenged and felt his responses did not show the growth he should have at this point in the story.


Even ignoring the downtime between singularities, there was a year (iirc?) between the conclusion of the Temple of Time and the Foreign Gods’ invasion. was essentially retgonned.
Shinjuku was less than a week.
Agartha… Okay, there was travel time and whatnot. Maybe a few weeks.
Shimosa was a few days. There’s… four night time scenes?
And Salem was maybe two weeks. As well as a major reveal of something mysterious going on to the world in general.

A week long race across a desert/staging a prison break.
And a week descending into the Babylonian underworld.

That’s still the better part of nine months between Solomon and the big Freeze. Is the MC just resting on his/her laurels? What are the staff doing?

There’s a whole world of magecraft to explore, and you finally have some downtime!

Even if most of the servants aren’t any help and/or unsummoned (and they were around to rayshift to Salem, so it’s not like they’re gone in the first few weeks), at least one Caster could have given them some pointers. Or EMIYA. Even just the basics of physical magecraft?

We don’t really have any good examples of an average magus in the Fate franchise - Shirou is… overspecialised, Rin’s a Prodigy, Sakura has worms, Luvia’s a bit part and likely prodigy… Apocrypha’s Yggdramillenia are specialised, the entire Prisma timeline(s) is shenanigans, and even the Case Files are special snowflakes, but a year should be time enough to pick up something.

And three months in the Shadow Border with literally nothing else to do.

I’m not even expecting going toe to toe with the Oprichniki created by the sleeping Ivan’s Noble Phantasm levels of competency. Just something beyond ‘standard human with a Mystic Code that does X, Y, and Z.’


Cannon MC is such an adorable, nice person. They could never say anything bad about someone even when they are belittling them in front of their face.

But Lost Field MC…

Kadoc: We all know what you achieved and it freakin sucks. And now that we know. I can say this with total certainty: If it had been anyone on Team A we would have done this one thousand times better. You just happened to be there. Congratulations you have the highest kill count of anyone imaginable.

Me: Ohh Kadoc-kun, flattery will get you everywhere :fgo_medb:. And you’re wrong. If you all could have done better, it would have been done. The only reason I’m here is because Team A can’t do their job.

Kadoc: You think you’re funny? You think this is a joke?

Me: But it IS kind of funny when you think about it. I’m just a substitute. But I can do this part time better than you can ever do it full time.

He then broke/dislocated my pinky followed by a highly animated battle between casters (Ana and Tama-tan) ensued. I can’t wait till I get to the end of this Lostbelt where Kadoc-kun and I will become super best friends.


Hey, she can still use Gandr so at least Ritsuka is better than Shirou in this regard.


Personally the crap dialogs of the Mc and Mash is what was seriously bringing down this lostbelt for me.
You defeated ultimate demon gods and Primordial goddesses only to get shat on by some fatso whose life you saved for the dumbest of reoson and a bunch of other a holes. If it was me i would have thrown out the Fatman to the winter for being such a ■■■■ and trying to get me killed while he runs away. I would have made a fur coat of the furry after I learned he betrayed us and wouldn’t give a second chance for him to do so again. Ivan was barely anything compared to Tiamat anyway. He didn’t have immortality crap or infinite powerful minions he could use while remaining active. All the crap Kodac gives us like he could have done a better job without knowing anything is annoying. What even is there to be jealous of anyway. All the shit we went through didn’t matter anyway as the world showed it’s middle finger to us. I just hope the other lostbelts have better Mc writing otherwise they are going to be a huge disappointment for me.


oh, I know, it’s part III plot: MC actually learned magic and went nutso in the process, now Chaldea 2.0 has to shop them from becoming something much worse and more dangerous than Solomon and Alien God combined!


So actually MC doesn’t know how to do magic because it’s the World protecting itself :D


When does Ritsuka use Gandr, other than via MC? I’ve been trying to remember times when they used actual magic in the story, and I’ve been unsuccessful thus far.

there’s not really anywhere for him to learn it, he’s a bit busy and no one around him is a fellow master

also he/she’s just here to get laid tbf


So then, only Mash has gotten a sample of the “magic” Ritsuka is capable of…

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I do remember her using it in the story but right now i can’t remember the specific moment, i think it was during an event.

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I don’t know who’s this “Ritsuka” person you are talking about. It was me who saved the world.

You have the option to use it on either Mango or Amakusa in CasGil’s interlude for one. Not sure if it’s actually supposed to be us using the spell though, or just the game assuming you’re using the plugsuit.

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If a person doesn’t have the magic circuits necessary for magecraft, they can practice all they want and nothing will come of it (see Shinji). MC doesn’t appear to have any real ability to use magecraft, nor are they from any magus lineage. They were just a random recruit who showed some Master potential. Trying to teach him magecraft would be a waste of everyone’s time if he isn’t built to perform it, so they focus on what little they can do, like physical training to keep him alive just long enough if his Servant isn’t around (see Saber training Shirou in FSN for this exact logic).

As far as Gandr, MC doesn’t cast that. There are spells built into his Mystic Codes that he accesses, but they aren’t his.

On the subject of Gordes, I don’t disagree with this action. The morality of abandoning someone innocent to die aside (and yes, he was innocent of anything more than being pompous jerk), Gordes isn’t without his uses, and they really can use all the allies they can get at this point. There’s also the logic of what comes after. Look at the reception Chaldea got after dealing with the Incineration of Humanity. I doubt they’d get much better after the Lostbelts. But having a well-connected magus like Gordes on their side might go a long way toward smoothing things over once all’s said and done. Sure, Gordes is infuriating in a lot of ways, but there’s some wisdom to not antagonizing him too much.

I do agree, however, that MC needs to grow a spine and rip the Crypters a new one. There’s being nice, and then there’s being a doormat.


He’s more the type of “I succ at this, but hell, i’m trying” than the “How many worlds have you saved? Exactly :fgo_insane:”.

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I think in the babylonia anime they showed him shooting some form of magic. I could have my animes mixed up though