Get up and goooooo

omg i went out on a pokemon drive with my girlfriend in an uber and guess what happent i logged on and in the 1 hour drive heres what i saw 17 beldum 1 was shiny 22 feebas no shinys 12 dratinis 1 shiny 29 marrep no shiny 11 larvitar no shiny 46 ralts 4 shinies and 7 clamperl also 13 onyx and together we got 2 attack form and 1 normal form deoxys each
week 2 is pure god also i forgot to mention she hatched 2 shiny regionals 1 farfetched 1 tauros and i hatched 2 kangashkhan 1 was 100 iv

Lol, that some nice luck. I hope that one day I can at least find a 1/450 shiny because in my entire career I have actually not encountered a single 1/450 before…

oh sorry its me and my gfs love draw rare pokemon to us

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No offence, that post meant I have not scored such good RNG in a very long time/for my entire 3 years playing PoGO. Always small doses of good legendaries, high IV catches and shinies and that’s it.

i was just saying that i love my girlfriend a lot

o ok lol seems legit but does it?

boring event. driving users away in droves.

I disagree - our community has been a lot more active

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Same here; my community has been very active during this event. The raid scene has been a bit quieter, but even then, people are going out to solo Attack Deoxys or just doing lower-tier raids.

Wow I never have been able to see\check\catch that many pokemon in one hour. If you take away 15 minutes for the raids this leaves 45 minutes to catch(check) those pokemon WOW!!!

I don’t think that I have seen that many Beldum, Feebas, Larvitar, Ralts or Clamperl in the wild in the last year (excluding events ofcourse)… you are very lucky to have such a girlfriend that brings you this luck in the game…

I hope that the rest of the week may bring you even more luck!!! Have a great time playing togheter with your girlfriend!

I find it somewhat ironic that “Get up and go” means “sit in a car for an hour”. :upside_down_face:

Personally, I’d have spent the time actually walking, though that’s partly because I can’t play PoGo for long in a car without feeling sick.


Maybe I need to pay for an uber! :joy: Here I am walking the dog and playing every morning. I haven’t encountered any shinies, and I’ve been checking!!

Must have got up and went


we used 3 accounts 2 on me because i am right and left handed and 1 for her

You can throw 2 balls on 2 phones almost simultaneously? So you are catching the 2 (different?) pokemon almost simultaneously?

most of the time

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I’m almost jealous, congrats on your ability, and have great time playing PoGo!

thanks so much it hurts my arms though but i checked with doctor he said it was perfectly fine as long as i dont dual play for more than 3 hours a day

also thats why im so good at pogo

Did your doctor advise you whether you should drive or walk to play PoGo?

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