Get Your Game On! [YGO Mafia R2] :fgo_moriartysmile:

Also fresh asked for it


Well it seems that, Luc has kinda confirmed his identity in my eyes.

Smh the GM is inciting violence amongst the players we must end him

Hey that’s me

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I am the cat

Also, I’m quite sure I did take some damage from that attack


I’m not sure it was @Rambukala who damaged you since the story doesn’t say that you took damage during their attack. On the other hand, @NpcLucario’s action damaged you in the story.

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Yeah, but I did lose some LP

Also, I know something about Spike’s monster

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Without sharing anything specific yet, is there any indication from what you got as to whether or not Spike/terranort could be Maf?

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This is my first time playing so idk for sure

Idk how relevant it is

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First time playing YGO Mafia*

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I’d refer you to the previous round’s kits but I’m pretty sure those Town kits were stronger than even a Maf kit in that round. :fgo_gudako:

What kind of info did you get?

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I got info on how much Attack the Monster has

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Probably not the best indication of whether someone is maf or not, especially since I’m not sure just how strong an attack-focused Town kit would be.

But is it over 3k?

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It’s 3,600

Annotated Story, please fill in any missing info

  1. @LeiCiel
  2. @ACExDiscostu93
  3. @sawtuis
  4. @Waifu69
  5. @terranort_asashin
  6. @Oduime
  7. @Gou
  8. @andylong1014
  9. @Nytfall
  10. @Rambukala
  11. @Agayracer
  12. @Fresh_Tomatoes
  13. @rmunteanu599
  14. @lordhelpme
  15. @Everlasting99
  16. @ArtificialSky
  17. @ThatSmugGARcher
  18. @F2J_Hell
  19. @ArcanaApocalypse
  20. @NpcLucario

… Saw what now?

Would you happen to know if that’s the monster’s base ATK or if it was buffed somehow?


The night story doesn’t have any mention of terra getting any buffs from anyone tho


I have no clue if it was buffed or not


Just to double check

Did you at any point, request to be attacked in any manner?



So if it was buffed then it’s something that doesn’t show in the story. I’m not 100% sure if all monster effects will show but that’s pretty sus if that’s supposed to be a town kit.

If it’s not buffed then I have to wonder if I’m one of the few outliers with a low ATK.

Also, I just looked through Tyranno’s deck in the wiki. There is one combination of Monster and Spell card that could reach 3600 ATK exactly. It seems reasonable since the spell card is a Field Card so it may not actually show up in the story.

For now, I wanna hear from @terranort_asashin before deciding one way or another.