Getting Greenhouses, Inns and at least one Fortress near me?

So I’d like to get my community beefed up a bit as we have no inns, greenhouses or fortresses near by. What is the magic sauce for getting these stood up?

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As far as I know there isn’t any way yet to get new points of interest for this game. High level players in ingress can submit a request and they are beta testing a process for POGO. This game is still new it may be a while.

As lanstul mentioned, Ingress is your best bet. See if there is anyone remotely local that can help you out, and if not, make an account and start leveling. You “only” need L10 in Ingress to be able to submit Points of Interest to create Portals. And Portals in Ingress translate to Pokestops / Gyms in PoGo, and in Wizards Unite it translates to Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses.

The problem with Ingress leveling is that it’s very difficult if you’re not in an area that’s got a good amount of Portals & Missions already established. Most likely you’d have to visit a nearby city and grind for a good week or three to get to the point where you can hit L10 there.

Local college campuses, even community colleges, often have a lot of Ingress portals. Cemeteries used to be good, but many portals have been removed.

Around where I live, I think I’ve noticed a fortress at the two post offices I drive by. I’ve also noted inns at two churches, and there is quite the motherlode of nodes around our town’s library: 6 inns, 2 greenhouses, and a fortress, all within maybe a 50 yd walk. (And it’s also a Hogwarts School focus area.

There was also quite a few inns at the local mall.

I’ve also noted that at an AT&T store that has an inn, it says that AT&T is a sponsor, so that may mean that many such stores are inns. Anyone know the other sponsors for the game?