Getting hyped

He’s close. Let’s hope luck doesn’t fail


How is your general history of FGO luck? :eyes:

Hope you can get him though.


Above average, so who knows.

I am a bit sad Ivan doesn’t seem that populair around here.
Many seem to think he’s ugly


I like him too :fgo_daishouri: elephant man needs more love

I have some SQ left so we’ll see how it goes. Good luck on his banner!


I don’t mind his appearance; he’s an oddball, but uniquely monstrous. His stubby miniature elephant feet bother me a little, but minor nitpick. I was planning to roll for him up until this year, when I took stock of the Servants tied up in my basement and realized that he didn’t have much of a job to do.

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It’s just another swallow… No big deal.


I can respect that
as can my grailed Kojiro


I personally like his robust style. Very Russian looking.


I like his monstrous appearance, but I have bigger targets that I have set my quartz on. Might spare a ticket or two for him though.

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Welp. I’ve done it
360 quartz 10 tickets…

But he’s here


I’m just happy to finally have an SSR AoE Rider. Martha serves me well. But she could use some backup.


I was actually rolling for Salieri, but as luck would have it, none of the 3* servants I rolled were Salieri and I suddenly got spooked by Ivan. Classic FGO reverse luck.

I’m still doing EoR (Agartha) but I was happy to get a SSR Rider (I’ve been playing since January, only have 3 SSRs counting Ivan). I can’t wait to get to Lost Belt and see what his story is about. Because, you know, it’s not everyday they put out a freaking huge servant that looks like a Dark Souls boss. Loved his design.


If you’ve only be playing for 3-4 months, and already have 3 SSRs, you’re doing pretty well. :smiley:

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I also got Ivan while wasting tickets on good ol Amadeus Alter, Lucky break for me since my list of worthwhile riders begins and ends with Kintouki.

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I really like Ivan but I wanna roll for gameplay until a get my teams flushed out and I already have drake so he wouldn’t be too useful… I will roll for him if he gets another rate up after I got my teams tho