Getting into DBL again | Should I start a brand new account and re roll?

I played this game when it came out, and I abandoned it after a few weeks of playing.
I’d like to get back into the game, should I start a new account and re roll or should I go on with this account? I don’t have many top tier characters for as far as I understand.

I guess you could re roll when the SSJ4s come out, as they maybe will be really good.

Yes, sir re TheBlackRose is right. Those SSJ4’s just came out and are great for new players. it’s a cheaper step up and has double rates and ex or higher on some steps. Overall if you’re a new player and don’t have as many units. Consider re-rolling as these banners can help you get a lot of good units.

also upon the topic. the banner you should do would vary. if I were you get Goku first. as he is the only z tier unit and can fit on tons of teams. Then focus on the Vegeta banner. Even if you don’t get those sparkings you still have chances for gt Goku and super 17, PLUS the new gt ex units like ex hyper meta Rildo and gt ex Goku.
IF by chance you also need Chronos which I suppose you should I have a suggestion and suggest you wait. These banners will be around till the 21 of January and if you only get Goku. I have 4 suggestions for you. I would start by logging in every day. you’re first 1000 Chronos should go into the Goku banner till you get him. then focus on Vegeta.

if by chance you don’t get Goku. use your units and work on the story. After that, you should have some Chronos and hopefully have Goku, and maybe some other sparkings. work on Rising Broly and baby counter-attack because both of them apiece can get you about 1000 Chronos.

by this time it should be the 7th day and you’ll get your next 1000 Chronos. From there it is up to you. I predict there will be some event or a way to get Vegeta and Goku summon tickets because there is a way to get some other ticket for another banner. So you can kind of choose. Spend the rest of the Chronos on the step-ups, Save them, or spend them on something else. Though I’d advise you if you’re going to go for the step-ups after getting Goku, Vegeta, and baby. Then if you continue, go for the other gt units like super 17 and the gt Goku.

But besides may you have luck whether or not you listen to me or not. I only have 2 things left to say. If you need anything else with this game then you have the game press guides. And don’t forget to do your daily discount summons every day.

P.S. Sorry for making this so long. I kind of went off. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I was trying to be as helpful as I could.

oh and just make a new account. its not a short banner so there is really no point in re rolling.