Getting ready for the new singularity

Hi, I know theres halloween event and new singularity is far away but I wanna make sure I can pass the singularity since casters arent the best offensive servants and apperently it has a gimmick


servants hp cut in half (?)

So is there any skills I should raise or can these servants (excluding bosses) complete the singularity?

I have Merlin, I have no fear… I think

It’s not HP cut in half. It’s level.

And if you have Medea, Hans, Waver and Blavatsly/Gilgamesh leveled i’m sure you can finish it no problem. With it you have a ST, a Crit focus support, a generalist support and a AoE attacker that can do good damage and support.

If you need to prioritise skill leveling go Waver > Hans > Blavatsky/Gil > Medea. Schez isn’t the best because of the lack of King enemies but these guys shoupd make it through easily.

Medea has low damage output but she can spam her NP with little to no support and remove buffs/debuffs.
Hans can give everyone sustain and stars while compensating low attack with crits
Blavatsky has good damage but is awful in long fights.
Gil has lower damage but has cooldowns easier to deal and likes Hans’ crit and attack buffs.
Waver is Waver.


Levels are cut in half. So HP, attack, the works.

There is one (at least) Rider enemy with upwards of 150k (Maybe 200k?) HP, so that’ll be annoying to deal with. But a few Assassin and Caster bosses.

Abby is a Foreigner and her NP removes buffs…thankfully it’s ST so you can just damage her and NP seal/drain her NP ago stall until you can KO her. That’s the hardest fight but her hitcounts are super high so it’s not as difficult as the Shimousa battles.


If levels are cut in half, does that mean that ascensions will dissapear as well, meaning that certain skills will get locked again?


what they said
its lvl cut in half, so atks too

not sure about the others BUT

a full f2p setup like this worked for the dude

and he was left with this close

so obviously you wont end up in that scenario, but if u want to replciate similar result,
casgil, helena, alice for the first 3
waver, medea caster and paraculues or mozart for the last will do

IF for some reason u still want an st to do the job
first salem banner has a good st caster
caster of okeanos, wom
actually is one of the best 4 star casters surprisingly, replace alice with her if tahts the case


I have her in Japan and she is SOOOOOOOOOOOO fun mainly due to her NP.


@ACExDiscostu93 You not gonna use caster of nightless city in upcoming singularity? :joy:


Maybe, some loop magic could help in some nodes. I know that Illya will get a lot of use though xD

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The new Mecha Eli which comes with the Halloween event has advantage over the boss.
I think even Honako has a video with a free to play team which has her as DPS.

Even so for the boss fights you should go with class advantage especially if the levels are halved.


I know it’s wiser to go with class advantage but sticking restrictions gives a nice challenge imo.


Stick with class advantage, if you want bond points then just farm it on camelot using rainbow SQ :anchin_sama:

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Yeah if you’re not a masochist completionist like me who likes to dive into unnecessary challenges then stick with class advantage xD


Would you use Casters against a rider boss in Salem? ( if there are any). Now that is the next gen of masochism.

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Yes. I would try.

You probably used Musashi against Tomoe. How did it go?

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Musashi died fairly quickly tbh. Lancuria carried the team xD

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In two hits she was done for. In my case Enkidu carried the team.

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I don’t know what it is about Lancuria but she crits far more than she should at low percentages. Other lancers don’t seem to crit half as frequently as she does. The only scenario I use her NP in challenging content is for buster brave chains or for invul. pierce. Otherwise she’s just a buster crit monster for me xD