GHB Revivals?

Hey guys, so I’m building two GHB units and am also an idiot so this should be a very easy question to answer.
I’m currently building Petrine and Ashnard. I’m somewhat sure that Petrine has and Ashnard hasn’t had their GHB Revivals at this stage, but I’m not sure? Additionally, will I be able to get any more copies of them? Ashnard is +8 and I don’t wanna spend the Grails if I don’t have to haha
Cheers m8s

Petrine is going to take a while but Ashnard would actually be coming back in the next two months

On the calendar, it says who is getting revived so that’s always a good place to check

Right now, the next one is Iago so Ashnard should be back next month of the month after

Edit: Tried to count the best I could, Ashnard would be back either this February or March and Petrine will be back either this June or July


Ashnard Next month and Petrine a month after Jorge


You can always check the order in which the GHB revivals will occur under the Heroic Grail menu when using the “Added” sort method. Just be sure to ignore the TT units.

Typically there is one GHB revival a month. Iago’s GHB revival is set for the end of this month, and Ashnard is the next GHB after him, so Ashnard should be February’s revival.

After that we have to go through Gangrel, Eremiya, and Jorge before we get to Petrine. If the one revival per month pattern holds, Petrine’s revival should be in June.


Oh I didn’t know about this, thank you so much!