Gible CD was PoGo's endgame... so now what? - Discussion

So, Gible CD was always the endgame for PoGo players… and now it’s been and gone. So what happens now?

Deino just isn’t as popular, and is going to be available during GO Fest 2021

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Considering they have now rereleased Com days with non-new shinies… theres still a decent amount of pokemon that would generate buzz.

I expect were in for another starter with typical FP/HC/BB. But after that we can have some fun and name some that would generate buzz…

Here’s mine: Togepi / Togetic with a Com Exclusive new fairy quick move
Pros: Lots would want XL Candy for Togekiss & a new fairy playstyle.

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What I’ve been wishing for Togekiss is Sky Attack or Aura Sphere. Aerial Ace and Ancient Power are too weak, which is the reason why I don’t have interest in using Togekiss.

IMHO Togekiss is represented enough as it is. Giving it better chargemoves would make it just a bit overpowering. Better to take an irrelevant 'mon and make it useful (like the Roserade CD or the Poison buffs).

I agree with @Arak2, Tepig is next and Oshawott not far behind. Probably some PvP niche-pick between them (hopefully a good one, unlike Machamp CD or Electivire CD). I know its a weird pick, but I’d like to see a Whismur CD. Exploud seems really cool but doesn’t have the fastmoves to work well. Echoed Voice could be a cool PuP-kinda clone too. A man can dream…


Looks like Fairy Wind was found in the game files as a fastmove so…maybe!

Jumpluff can learn Fairy wind too. Just saying…

Dont think it learns Sky Attack. Aura Sphere is strong, but doesnt give it much counter play. It’s anti-steel but so is flamethrower. One move that be interesting that Togekiss learns for PVP would be psychock. Quick cooldown
and counter poison move.

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There’s a bunch of exclusive moves for Gen 7 and Gen 8 mons. Wait for them.

Well if gible really was considered endgame, it would have been as a PvE Mon, maybe thats why Niantic take too long to release it’s community day. But since last year Niantic main focus have been to promote pvp, I doubt it will make people quit.

I can agree that Gible was the more expected PvE Mon to receive a CD, but there can be some unexpected things to release to top raids like the legendaries with legacy moves.

And when everything is over they will release shadow version of each top Mon, like shadow Gible or shadow timburr, and then they will announce something like the new “plasma” version, when they receive a floppy 30% increase on attack and 21% of reduce defense(you know, to be balanced).

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You have the highly motivating XL candy to collect.

There is that…

Shiny Dialga/Palkia, shiny newer legendaries, assorted exclusive/elite/signature moves, newer generations, L50 things, CDs making more things relevant for PvE and PvP… there’s lots more to be done, as long as it’s balanced, varied and accessible.

Oh yeah and shiny bidoof with loads of different moves.

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What happens now? Players continue playing the game because you made up this endgame. And why did you stop at Gible Community Day instead of Mega Garchomp?


Because I doubt we’re going to see Mega Garchomp spawning during a CD.

It was released with a PvE move

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Shiny Dialga/Palkia - :sleeping:
shiny newer legendaries - :sleeping:
assorted exclusive/elite/signature moves - aka random junk on random pokemon… or raid only
newer generations - :sleeping:
L50 things - it’s already released
CDs making more things relevant for PvE and PvP - :sleeping:

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I’m pretty stale in my game currently too (was having this exact conversation in my local group a couple of hours ago) so I get your point, but I’m still looking for the future and for what might be fun. Definitely looking forward to the legendaries signature moves and their megas, even though I’m still not a total fan of the Mega system.

Trying to get a shiny lucky is one of my current projects, but I suppose ultimately this thread links back to the “personal goals” thread. If you are struggling with interest in the game at the moment, why not take a break? Come back for GoFest and see how you feel?

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I in no way said Mega Garchomp would spawn during a CD…


That’s one that really needs a community day or a better spawn rate


While the Gible line is super popular, the “endgame” in Pokemon Go is highly subjective. Its going to be something different for a lot of people. For me, the “endgame” community day was Beldum, as that’s my favorite of all the pseudo-legendaries. Yet I’ve still kept interest in the game on various levels.

Over the past year, we’ve had a lot of community day events that non-pvp players found a bit… boring. That said, it broadened the range of Mons that could be given a community day. 1-stage evolutions, already-released shinies, and community day reruns all got added to the mix. Some will likely be boring to some, while others will be a home run. There’s a ton of Pokemon out there and a ton of unreleased moves, so I’m sure we’ve got some exciting community day candidates yet to come. :grin:

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My end game is winning Pokémon Go. Details are sketchy and highly confidential but there it is.