Gible spawn increase?

Since mid afternoon yesterday (UK) there seems to be quite an increase in Gible spawns in my town - 4 that I have seen myself instead of the odd one that spawns with a lure, and not just Gible but Larvitar and Bagon as well.

Has anyone else experienced this recently?

I have seen::
0 Gible in the wild ever (got 1 from a egg june 4th 2019)
0 Bagon in the wild in the last weeks
0 Larvitar in the last few days (got 2 from 10k eggs in the last week, and caught one last week or so)

So no I didn’t notice an increase in Gible spawns.


Well yesterday I found one Gible and one Larvitar on the wild, but it could be mere coincidence. I can imagine in Niantic office a conversation like these:

A: I think we have been cruel with the players lately, lets increase Gible spawn chance for a while from now on.
B: Oh, that so generous from your part, until when?
A: Until next event.
B: But that’s tomorrow.
A: Exactly.

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Today, I saw four Dragonairs (and caught them all), but no Dratinis. Unlike Ralts and Swinub (whose increased spawns are presumably part of the event), the Dratini line does not have any special evolution requirements.

I guess we just had a lucky couple of days here, there’s nothing now even with windy weather

Caught 4 or 5 Liron(whatever arron evolves into) yesterday. I guess in addition to mons with special evo requirements, they boosted some evolved mon spawns

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It’s because we are now on a event, even if the increase of Gible, etc. was a real thing, once the evolution event begin it was shout down.

It was before the event started, which was pre-21:00 last night for us

yeah, i was just wondering if anyone else had the same experience or if it was just luck (and a lot of luck for so many decent spawns)

Still only 1 Gible catch ever (never hatched a gible), I did catch two Dragonair today for what that’s worth

i’ve never seen a Gible in the wild (hatched one on each account), but i did catch a wild lvl 25 14/14/15 Gabite on main & alt (the gf got it too) a few months back so i guess i can’t complain

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I wondered why Dragonair too. Since the event started, there’s one spawning every hour at one park nearby.

A got fired. Poor guy.

Well, if this is the new “non-event norm” for my area I’m not going to complain :rofl::rofl: