I had been hatching over 40+ 10km eggs since Gible is released, had encountered every possible thing but haven’t encountered a Chingling or Gible. Chingling I have and Gible I have to, but my Gible is 62% and no way in hell I am going to do it. The weather is also consistently cloudy, making the chance of generating high iv ones next to nil.

So are they still in 10km eggs? And is it possible to get one from adventure sync?

Are they even in 10km eggs? I’m not sure if that was confirmed.

I got one two days ago but don’t remember what color egg

TSR has Gible confirmed in 10km eggs. The percentage is VERY low at around a 2% chance. Although this is a small sample size of ~125 eggs hatched.

The solution is to get your high IV gible through lucky trade.

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Gible does hatch out of 10k eggs, but the odds are very low. It also spawns rarely in the wild and even then, seems to be tied to windy weather. It’s the big pseudo-legendary of Gen IV though, so I expected it to be rare.

Your best bet is to save the 62% one you have for a trade with a lucky friend where you also get a Gible in return. Worst case scenario, we’re almost guaranteed to get a Gible Community Day down the line where they’ll likely give it a fancy new move. Right now, Garchomp is just a glorified Dragonite in PvE, so there shouldn’t be any rush to get one right away.

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They are, but they’re painfully rare. Right now TSR’s egg page says out of 112 verified 10k hatches they’ve hatched two. I believe this has been 10k’s hatched during the Adventure Week event, they typically “reset” their statistics any time an event rolls around that messes with the egg pool.

Personally, I’ve only caught one Gible. A measly level 8 one that I swapped with a lucky friend and has been my buddy all adventure week. Being so low level and even with “non-ideal” IV’s as a lucky (12a, though I am aware lucky status heavily outweighs IV totals) I’m debating just evolving it for the dex entry once I get enough candy to do so. I have about 90 candy to go before I have to make that decision.

Those IVs are ideal for PvP. Lower attack would be better, but if lucky, 12 is the floor, and you’re got it. Another good thing about PvP pokemon - you only need one, not a team of six. It’s a project, but a good one. Garchomp is currently ranked #3 overall on, just behind Dialga and Origin Giratina.

True, but only in the Great/Ultra leagues where you’d want to sacrifice some attack in favor of maybe getting in an additional power-up or two for a bit of extra bulk while still remaining under the CP cap. In the Master League, the higher IVs, the better, since there is no cap, and Masters is where Garchomp really shines.


Yeah, I don’t plan on taking a heavily attack-oriented Pokemon like Garchomp into a CP restricted league. It’s ranked #116 in Great and #89 in Ultra. For Master League - where it actually is ranked #3 - you’d still want perfect IV’s or as close to perfect as you can get.

Unfortunately, I have to agree

I got a lucky gible 14-15-15 98%and dumped my rare candies into it to max it out and I have found it is nothing special especially considering there are other, easier to obtain options out there but cool nonetheless. I would say I am lucky because the spawn for the gible I missed because I was at work and only saw the town wide discord excitement afterwards and the lucky wasn’t guaranteed or anything. There’s the story hehind my 98 garchomp lol!