Gible's role in the start up screen

Now that we have Water Fest announced. And the regional Mesprit, Uxie en Azelf return for raid hour, that leaves Gible’s position in the start up screen “open” for discussion. What do you guys think?

Since Shadow Gible exists in the code, my guess is that it will be added to the Team GO Rocket battles. It’s also a possible hint at Gible community day, should we end up seeing that sooner rather than later.

If that is true I hope that the next t5 raid will be shiny Heatran or Raikou, and that Gible appear in t1 raids as a counter.

Unlikely that it will be Raikou, but Heatran is a possibility as it hasn’t had it’s shiny released yet. Unless they do a rerun of all three Beasts in the T-5 raids with their shiny forms available in a week-long event or something. If that’s the case, I would imagine that it happens after the Ultra Unlock Bonus time frame so they have time to transition to the next month long T-5 raid boss.

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I assumed that someone in Niantic’s graphics department was told to make something with a water theme, thought “there’s one that looks like a shark”, and threw it in without bothering to double check.


research tasks? just like Cranidos for example. Another option

More concerned with what it means corsola is there. Regional event confirmed?

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What we really need Garchomp for a counter for is Zekrom and Thundurus. Given Niantic’s behavior lately, I would expect a Gible CD just before one or both of those became available.

Unfortunately, Thundurus (both Therian and Incarnate forms) is Flying/Electric, so Garchomp won’t fare too well in that fight. Against Zekrom (with double Electric moves) however, it will be the tankiest counter while also sporting good DPS. It won’t be the highest DPS counter, but it will have crazy good TDO.

Is Corsola going into 7km eggs, like regionals did last year?

Heracross, Corsola, Tauros, Far fetch’d ans Kangashkan probably

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Don’t forget Mr. Mime is a Gen1 regional. Anybody think this might be where they release Mime, Jr.?