Gilfest before and after

For a lot of us, Gilfest was a huge influx of embers, gems, and mats. For those of us who have underdeveloped rosters, recently picked up a favorite, or are very impulsive, most of that stuff got spent pretty quickly. If one of those sounds like you, share what your servants looked like before the event, and what they look like now, so we can see the progress you made. Or, if you’re holding on to everything for now, share what you plan to do with your goodies.


My main goal this time was to stock up on gems for future servants; before the event I was completely out of blue and yellow caster gems, and almost out of yellow rider and berserker gems. Also, I had a few servants I really wanted to skill up, but didn’t have the gems for it.
Before: Merlin 10/5/10, Mozart 1/1/1, Musashi 5/10/10, Bunyan 6/5/6, Ganesha 10/5/1
After: Triple digits on all yellow gems (except berserker at 98), plus

A lot of embers got immediately spent to make room for more embers. Some went to servants I’m interested in using, some went to grailing favorites, and some just ended up unlocking interludes and rank ups so I can get more quartz.
Before: Siegfried 40, Artemis 50, Touta 30, Billy 50, Parvati 72, Gareth 35, Astolfo 38, Alexander 30, Boudica 30, Anastasia 1, Sanzang 90, Mozart 50, Mata Hari 60, Penth 40
After: ~1200 gold embers between mailbox, inventory, and second archive, plus

The mats are of less immediate interest to me, but the mirrors from round 3 helped level Musashi and Ganesha’s skills. The proofs are also nice, since half the servants I want to work on seem to need a billion of those things. Saber Musashi is my highest gacha priority so I’ll be saving a lot for her.


I’ve largely been able to max level my gold servants roughly as quickly as I pull them; however, lotto gives me a chance to max the low rarity stuff I hardly ever use. My first lottos last year were a huge boon in deepening my roster, and I felt pretty content after the New Year lotto.

Earlier this year, I had gotten lucky with a new pulls, and lotto caught me up. At this point, I’m back to sitting on a big pile of extra Embers and QP, but am short on Void Dust. Still, I raised a bunch, and I cleared a bunch of Rank Ups!

Next lotto, I hope to finish leveling everyone, and bank a big pile of MPs for shop CEs.

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I probably need to look at my screenies of my prior SL to remember everything:

Generally speaking I just had gem bottlenecks.

Merlin 1/1/10 to 10/10/10
Summer BB lv1 1/1/1 to lv90 9/9/9
Jarcher 10/10/1 to 10/10/10
Everyone’s Da Vinci-chan 10/5/9 to 10/9/10
Godjuna 10/6/10 to 10/10/10
Kama 8/10/10 to 10/10/10
Parvati 9/3/6 to 10/9/10
Lan Ling 5/6/5 to 9/9/9
Mordred 3/2/4 to 6/6/6
Chiron lv1 1/1/1 to lv70 1/8/8
Chloe from 1/2/4 to 6/6/9
Enkidu lv70 1/1/1 to lv90 9/9/9
Laikou lv1 1/1/1 to lv60 6/9/9
Reines lv1 1/1/1 to lv90 8/10/9
Nitocris lv40 1/1/1 to lv80 9/8/1
Chen Gong lv1 1/1/1 to lv65 6/8/9
Acquired esports Gong NP5 with FP
Asclepius lv1 1/1/1 to lv70 6/6/6
CasGil lv1 to lv70
Zerkalot 1/1/1 to 8/8/8
Nightingale lv1 1/1/1 to lv80 1/1/6
Kiara 10/2/2 to 10/10/10
Jeanne lv80 1/1/1 to lv90 9/6/6
BB 1/1/1 to 6/6/6

I leveled a bunch of servants to unlock RUQs/ludes. Unlocked 19 interludes and 32 RUQs. Few of these gold, those who were I think are:
Altera lv1 to lv80
Ishtar lv70 to lv90
Emiya lv50 to lv70
Atalante lv50 to lv70
Carmilla lv1 to lv70
Stheno lv1 to lv70
Punch Mage to lv70, stuck due to feathers
Cleopatra lv70 to lv80
Tamamo Cat lv40 to lv70

I also bought Foumes and have enough MP left to go unlock and buy Chaldea Lunchtime. Bit iffy about it as I’d be at zilch, but I guess I will get enough MP from Oniland/SW2 to afford next month’s MP shop.


I’m sorry to say but…
I failed my self so hard this Lotto
I was unable to clear the quest (because of work mind you). I only did the old ones and till Liz adventure.

Then i farmed only 100 box…

Yes i brought a few unit to Max level, and stored hundreds of emblem (yes I’m gonna grail spishtar), but nothing compared to the old days when i did 300 box and 100 more on my secondary.
Curse you work, you are taking to much of my free time…


I didn’t keep a list but I did have to panic upgrade a bunch of servants skills because I was going to hit the QP cap

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I didn’t do a “before” picture for my roster, and I really wish I had, but I did put together an “after” and used a little bit of MS Paint to showcase the changes. 250 boxes cleared, and by the end I sat at 975m QP. Gold borders were grailed, red borders are servants that weren’t even leveled before for the most part. One or two of the red-bordered servants were at first ascension, but that’s it.


This wasn’t quite so big for me since my roster is pretty close to endgame, but—

• Finished Quetz’s skills
• Finished Void’s skills
• Am very close to finishing Arjuna’s skills
• Finished Amakusa’s skills
• Rolled and 9/9/9’d and leveled Murasaki instantly
• Got enough hearts to finish the rest of my SSRs who ask for them
• Same for mirrors
• Finished summer pirates’ skills
• Finished Tristan’s skills
• Finished Saber Gilles’s skills
• Finished Gareth’s skills
• Finished Reines’s skills
• Came out very far ahead on bells, so am happy to not have to worry about those for a long, long time


In short, I have all my servants max leveled, raised a bunch of skills that were previously mat-gated behind chains, and filled up my second archive and half my present box with embers. All things considered, the lotto didn’t make as huge of an impact on my account as the previous ones. It’s also the reason why I’m currently reevaluating whether I should go all in on 6-slot farming in the future when 160-ish boxes already give me more embers and QP than what I strictly need.


One year account here.

I started just before previous year’s Gilfest, which I farmed ~90 boxes (manually). Farmed 180 or 190 in Quetzmas when I discovered FGA. I have like ~40 out of ~120 Servants max leveled.

This lotto I farmed at 210 (stopped there to save some apples for Xmas). Now I’m only missing 3 Servants max leveled (Sallieri, Cas Giles and Mephy) because I’m lacking the Hearts to ascend them after an unexpected and very welcome Jeanne spook.

A lot of Servants who were at 4/4/4 now are around 7/7/7. Even a bunch at 9/9/9.

I thought I would be able to stock embers in the archive or present box, and I did around ~300, but I actually am empty again thanks to Summer Raikou 1 ticket roll lol.

Oh yeah, ~700 Proofs went poof too.


I was just reflecting on post-Gilfest and noticed that I’m now very low on giant’s rings and shells. Time to take a break from eggs and farm LB2 and Babylonia for a while.


Sadly we were launching new products during and right after this gilfest which is the one time of year I am super busy since I got to teach everyone how to fix said products bc god forbid we train ppl on new products before we toss them to marketing and start selling them. So i failed to meet my goal ending up with only about 30 boxes, I grailed luvia to 100 and the rest is going to Space Ishtar if I get lucky for her, got almost 450 quartz saved up so hopefully we wont have a repeat of Skadi draining me for everything. Though I wouldn’t mind a repeat of post skadi, I got 2 in one pull and 1 in GSSR. That would nice for Space Ishtar, just not the 500 quartz and no 5 stars leading up.

I have always been low on these things

Rings aren’t bad to farm (plus they’ll be on the Xmas 5 ticket) but shells are hell


For the first time in my accounts life I had to farm shells and it’s horrible.


I don’t strictly need that many rings, but I’ll want to wrap up Spishtar’s skills just to have her done.

I’m just rolling a grailed frontline of AA, Kama, and Amakusa over the map, so the enemy types and numbers don’t really matter. It’s all about the bond.

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After somehow managing to summon a boatload of summer servants this year, I found myself in shell hell for the first time after ascending and skilling them up due to Gilfest. And even after opening 190 boxes, I’m still out of proofs again.

The good news is, I’m now 8/9 of the way to having a fully 10/10/10 husbando support list! (with the only straggler being Arjuna Alter because of those darn eggs). My dream is almost complete :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::star_struck:


Another reason I’m glad to not have tons of summer servants. That way I have shells available for the non summer oddballs that also eat shells.

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Yeah, that shell hell smell is the real dell, er, deal.

This has probably been the lottery that made the least difference for my roster.
Sure, I was able to level some skills a bit further that were previously blocked by hearts, chains or proofs, and ascended some more low-rarities, but I only have a single gold servant (Qin Liangyu) and a couple low rarity servants left that aren’t max-ascended/fully leveled by now.
Skills are usually blocked by other mats now, mostly feathers, shells, ghost lanterns and seeds for silver, and dust, stakes and powder for bronze mats.


I started Summer 3 rerun with 90+ shells. I now have 14…

This is the curse of good Summer rolls!

We get 20 in Oniland.


I need ~110 hearts (and just for a few Servant spooks) and in the past 3 days farming, it dropped 5.

It’s worse than Eggs (of which I stocked 75), my god…please send help.

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Finally, I’ve been able to max ascend and max leveled all of the 2* servants, max up some 3* and 4* welfares. Plan to go hard on next lotto and maxing out all of the 3* servants

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