Gilfest CQ Thread? CQ Thread (never mind, didn't see the official thread)

Huh, no CQ thread yet? Let’s fix that. We’ll start with Tawara.

He is a CHONKY BOY, and the rice balls have some funky effects, but between the NP up and a 100% attack bonus CE, you can really wail on him if you time your NPs right. I didn’t really have enough high-star Lancers, so I went (and finally won) with this composition (edit: not actually this Merlin but the CE wasn’t a big deal):

(Why Divine Banquet? Point ceiling!)

Most of the damage was done before Herc came out. Interestingly, rice balls firing from low HP save Guts, so Herc with Castle of Snow was swinging out there for a long time, occasionally with his NP charged up to 200%.

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I just solo’d him with a friend’s np5 medusa lily :fgo_casgilworry:


There was one thread started earlier actually.


Support was Waver, Raikou’s NP finished him off but Tamamo’s was queued right after it.

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I tried and failed at least 2 dozen attempts at this cq and I have some fairly powerful units like Enkidu and Karna. I ended up beating it by soloing it with a friends 10/10/10 np2 scathach

Oh. My bad.

…where is that thread?

…TIL there is a general FGO forum that isn’t “Discussion,” “Fluff,” or “Q&A.”

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Yeah I just really browse with all the subsections combined there aren’t that many threads that I need filters. :smiley:

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