Gilfest Finals(Arena or Garden)

So I have farmed about 150 boxes till now.

Levelled and skilled up quite a bit of servants. Unfortunately discovered that I need a lot of bones and claws for many of my targets, like Shuten, Herc.

I know the lottery tickets drops is best for the garden node.
But looking at the gamepress article it seems that the Finals Arena node has nearly the same droprate for tickets as the Qualifier Garden. Maybe farming there could ascend some of my servants.

Or should I just wait for Christmas for bones, and farm the lotto regularly on the garden node.

Wait for Christmas.

The drop in tickets isn’t really worth it just for bones, which are in a lotto that’s 2.5-3 months away.


Thanks that’s what I was also thinking, also I’ll get lots of aurora steels for the future as well.

You already made your decision, but for anyone else, I would not recommend it unless you needed a reasonable amount or were favorite passionate about a specific rank up. I am getting less than half the tickets I was getting with a plus 6 bonus running a plus 5. Nearly 66% less in fact, as a generic estimate.

It has screeched progress on boxes to such a ludicrous extent that it is genuinely just not worth it outside of niche situations.

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