GilFest Goals & Progress Report + General Help Thread

So right after Fate Zero event ends we get the much awaited Battle in New York, courtesy of course of the one and only King of Heroes, First Hero of Mankind, Lord of all the World’s Treasures, Gilgamesh himself; featuring a lottery.

GIL: Not just any lottery , zasshu, UNLIMITED LOTTERY! Now go farm till you drop and then some more, fuhahaha…

Thank You, Your Majesty, your magnanimity is greatly appreciated by the QP, gem and material starved playerbase.

So, in that light I decided, since we have a Farming thread, a roll thread, why not a goals and progress thread? Basically it’s meant to track what you plan, how far you’ve gone in said plan and how well you are reaping the rewards.

Also a general help thread, like if you need someone to login/re-login to access their support, need a specific CE on someone, need more friends with a particular servant/CE, etc.

I’ll go first;

Gacha Goals: None Thankfully

Shop Goals: (Pending)

  1. Get all CKT copies.

  2. Get Gold fous.

  3. Get all the code openers.

  4. Get all the code removers.

  5. Get the Command Codes.

  6. Get the Stingers and Feathers.

  7. If you have time, get Gunpowder & Silver Fous.

Farming Goals: (pending)

  1. Farm enough currency to get from shop goal 1 to 5 in Round 1, ie, Prelims.

Lottery goals: (pending)

  1. Farm the first 10 boxes at least in Round 1.

  2. Farm first 25 boxes.

  3. Farm 50 boxes.

  4. Will expand after finishing goal 1-3.

CQ/Match Goals:

  1. Clear all Matches to get the tickets-Pending

  2. Go through wiki to see each match gimmick- done

  3. Come up with suitable strat for each match-Pending.

  4. Go through actual CQ on wiki- Pending.

  5. Come up with strat to beat CQ- Pending.

All the best fellow masters ! May the festival of the KING bring you fortune.



150 boxes, just for the archer gems, mostly farmed through FGA while I preserve my sanity

Use my sanity to tackle the exhibition quests, hopefully enjoy some lovely stalls with my new servants, gimmick pending.

Lots and lots of mana prisms so I can buy all the shop CE’s and still keep current on the monthly shops. Only got a few servants to level, so I’ll be burning embers by the box full in no time.

Buy most stuff from the shop (statues, lamps, grease, medals, fluids probably skip)


Interesting idea.
Not sure if I will remember to update this but why not share my short list.

Shop Goals: (Pending)

  1. Buy all CKT (done)
  2. Buy Gold Fou (gathered currencies)
  3. Buy Feathers (Skip)
  4. Potentially buy Gunpowder and silver Fou (Skip)
  5. Buy all the gold bar stuff after opening the boxes (done)

Lottery goals: (pending)
Somewhat vague as I haven’t got a set goal.
Normally I stop burning apples at around 100 boxes but this time I have a more efficient team plus a faster phone combined with free time, apples and some comedy series to binge.

  1. Clear 5 boxes to get the damage mod CEs to aid with the CQs. (done)
  2. Farm until I’m satisfied


  1. Research the ones I skipped on JP.
  2. Build teams for each CQ.
  3. Clear all Matches.
  4. Potentially try to solo some of them. I know I did that for Rice boy.

My goal this time is the same as for every unlimited lotto: reduce my apple supply to zero. I am going in with 153 gold apples, so I will have plenty to do!


Personally plan to clear most of the shop round 1 and spend the rest of the event doing the lotto nodes


Shop Goals

  1. Get all CKT copies
  2. Clear Gold Fous
  3. Get all Command Codes
  4. Clear (at least) Feathers and Lamps
  5. Rest of shop clearing dependent on pre-Finals progress

Lotto Farming

  1. Farm at least 5 Boxes pre-finals.
  2. Rest of pre-finals lotto farming dependent on shop clear necessity
  3. Save all 382 (at time of writing) Gapples for Finals. I fully intend on spending every single one if possible. I already have my charger and desk setup like I did with NeroFest last year to minmax time spent grinding. With my new tablet and the new engine, I should be spending far less time on loading screens and more time getting my tapping rhythm down for consistency

CQ Goals

  1. Pre-finals only as of now. Summoning is largely a dead period until New Year’s so I can live without the Tickets if I miss the CQs
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Gacha Goals:
NP1 Gil
NP1 Sheba

Shop Goals:
Get all CEs
Get all Fous
Get any mat that I may need.
Get all embers
Get all MP

Farming goals:
Clear most of the shop on day 1, if possible.

Lottery Goals:
Get enough mats and QP to raise Tamamo to acceptable levels.
Get enough mats and QP to raise all Servants on my support list that my Friends need for their own runs. (Equal priority as previous goal.)
Get enough embers, mats, and QP to get Tomoe to lv 100 10/10/10.
Get enough QP and embers to raise the Servants on my normal roster to useful levels.
Get enough QP and embers to raise Servants I personally like, even if they’re not useful.
Use any additional QP, mats, and embers to raise other Servants.

Go in Blind.
Get ass kicked.
Try to figure out gimmicks.
Give up, and look up gimmicks online.
Build team for CQs.
If all else fails, use newly-raised Tamamo, Merlin, and Jeanne to stall enemies to death.


Hmm, looking at node potential drops vs my inventory needs for the currency nodes, I think I’ll do gold currency round 1 and only enough bronze/silver for CKT. Then finish up silver/bronze farming round 3.

Thanks for making this thread! :slightly_smiling_face:

Gacha Goals: None

Shop Goals:

  1. Get all CKT
  2. Get all materials except for Black Grease
  3. Get silver fous
  4. Depending on Gacha bonus, get gold fous as well
  5. Get all gold bar items since currency comes from lotto boxes

Lotto Goals:
100 boxes for both main and alt account. Goal to change if initial target is hit.


  1. Read up on boss gimmicks - Done
  2. Waiting for indepth walkthroughs for further study. Focusing on shop and lotto first. CQ can break the monotony to avoid mental fatigue.

Lottery goals:

  1. Farm.
  2. Farm some more.
  3. Farm Again

I’m going to be honest, I don’t exactly have a ton of apples to burn through but I’m just going to keep going until I run out eventually. That’s what essentially happened one of the previous lotto events ago.

I need everything. QP, Gems, EXP, Proofs.

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Buy out the shop and farm til I have an apple poisoning.

Side goal: beat as many CQs as possible, but I’m still traumatized after last year’s Hassan challenge.


My goal is to clear out the shop as quickly as possible during the preliminaries, since i lack a proper comp to 3T that properly anyway.

Then go all out during the semifinals and finals, not sure how many boxes i’ll do but i’d like to reach 100 boxes if possible… i should be able to run a 6 slot comp during the last 2 rounds so all that’s left is finding the time to actually farm that much.

Oh and of course clear all the CQs, that’s the best part of the event after all.


I don’t have goals for Gilfest… so when I screw up I don’t feel disappointed :+1:


This is like the most realistic thing I’ve seen all day. It’s hard to screw up when you expect nothing, like this should be everyone’s gacha and farming goal always.


When I roll, I expect nothing… Salt is avoided.


It gets really bad when you roll, expecting nothing…
And somehow still get let down…


I know by experience this gacha is cursed. So to prevent being salty about it, I prefer having the mindset “I roll just for rolling”

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hoping to get all the gold currency items and fous from the shop, then atleast 2 mlb armpit ce and 50 box clears. That should be enough for reruns since not gonna roll until christmas


Aside from getting the CKT copies and the fous, my goals are getting Kiara to level 100, upgrade the Skill levels of several Servants, leave Yagyu at level 80 6/6/6, max Skadi’s S2, finish leveling Aerial Drive and start with HNS next. (I would have requiered to pull more obligatory boxes if i had gotten Waver).

This may change if get lucky pulling another Servant during the banner.


Gacha goals:
Within a max budget of 330 SQ, I hope to NP3 Gil (NP2 now) and to a lesser extent Sheba (NP2, too). Also hope to get at least 1, better 2 gold currency CEs, to be able to get shop farming out of the way asap.
If I get a Gil copy early, I’ll abort rolling regardless of whether I got a Sheba or 5* currency CE, though.

Shop goals:

  1. all CKTs (obviously)
  2. Muscle Burger gold Fous, rings and scales
  3. Wild Potato gunpowder and gold fou
  4. Strong Dog feathers, stingers and gold fou
  5. possibly silver fous
  6. gold bar stuff is a must, but will auto-happen as byproduct of my targeted number of boxes

Farming/Lottery goals/roadmap:


  • CKTs asap
  • farm Arena until I can buy all the above burger stuff
  • farm Club until I can buy the above potato stuff (at least powder and gold fou)
  • farm lotto node until Main round

Main round:

  • just farm lotto


  • farm Gym (best/easiest Gym node, imo) until the above strong dog stuff is cleared
  • return to lotto farming until I reach 250 boxes or run out of gapples
  • after that, switch to manual lotto farming on natural AP or try to clear some CQs

CQ/match goals:

  • I’m lazy, so I consider any beaten CQ a bonus. Will still try to clear some the Sunday before event ends, as I expect to be practically done with lotto farming by then.
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