Gilfest/ Nerofest CQ

My friend keeps telling me that we are getting the KH and Davinci CQs again for next year’s gil fest. The thing is he can’t provide any link to me. For those of you who played JP before does that CQ come back? Would I need to go through that hell again?

I’m not picking up any CQ rerun from Nerofest on these web site, so maybe no?

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From what I remember, the second batch of CQs didn’t get a rerun.

nero’s exhibition matches weren’t deemed good enough for gilfest, as far as I’m aware

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You’ll go through a different hell.


I hope they rerun them as memorial quests or something. I’d like to focus on clearing those instead of choosing between them and farming.

except then the choice will be do those or farm doors or w/e

the choice between non-farming x and farming is inescapable