Gilgamesh and musachi

I would like to know if there any upcoming banners for these two I know that banners is unpredictable so any thoughts about this matter with some little evedience will do

New Year’s will give them solo rate-ups on separate days. It’s not very likely to change much form the JP banner. You can try during their individual rate-up for better chances of getting the.

Or, if you’re somehow feeling lucky or want other 5* as well, you can wait for the day when they share the rate-up with the other 3 or 4 New Year Servants. Less chance of getting them specifically though.

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JP players don’t get the luxury of knowing what banners and servants are coming up. Gilgamesh has appeared in every New Years banners so there’s a possibility he’ll show up in the New Years 2020 banner.


Oh… I didn’t see the JP tag there.

@prince2019 My bad… I don’t usually look at the tags and just go straight to the post. :sweat_smile:

But as mentioned above, Gilgamesh has appeared on every New Year banner so far so it’s very likely he’ll be on the 2020 banner as well. For Musashi, you’ll probably just have to wait and see if she gets another rate-up.

Again, my bad.