Gilgamesh Anim Update?

Since we NA players are finally getting all the amazing animation updates early, I was wondering when we’d get Gilgamesh’s, becuase his current in game sprite just looks terrible compared to his glorious new version+ my phone is ready for his new NP!

I’m guessing we’ll get it during gilfest but is there any chance we get it during this years anniversary? Because holy ■■■■ that would make our quarantine.

Also also, is Gilfest happening in JP? Is there some chance that Gil would get a strengthing?- like personally I doubt it since whatever it is, it’s most likely enough to put him over his competition. Like they could huff his second skill increase the NP gain so slightly+ give it like 1 hit invul it like 1 turn invul.

Probably Gilfest, the Gilfest is in September i think, you can wait for it.
And no Gil isn’t geting a strengthening he is good as he is

I know that the gilfest he got his anim update on started during literally the day of my birthday, so I’m kind of hoping it’s the same, but we could get it early idk

EDIT: I know if we get it this early it literally wouldn’t be the same gilfest, what I mean is we could just get the event early like we did with the Lostbelt

Sure. Around 0.1%.

We’ll see in September whether it’s GilFes, Nero taking her fest back, or something entirely new.

… … … he’s a one-man army already.

He has 50% up NP gain at lvl10. Pretty nice for his archer self.

Right, on a 6 turn cooldown, no less. Also, if I remember right, Gilgamesh failed the quest for immortality, so why would he have invulnerability lore-wise?


I mean that we will probably get it in the Gilfest of this year

Obviously he’s not getting a Buff, he’s Gilgamesh, entirely a what if question, would it be amazing if he did get one, yes, is he going to? No

EDIT: also, yea sure the invul thing actually makes sense, never thought about it like that

To add more to this, what’s wrong with a 1 turn invul being on a 6 turn cooldown, thought I’m not going to go check wether such a servant exists with a 6 turn VS Invic but there happens to exist a servant with a party wide Invic with added bonuses only on a 7 turn CD (yea its Merlin, a support, but I’m just saying that if a skill like that exists, than a 6 turn CD invic with 50% NP gain isn’t anything busted)

Yes, Merlin has it on a 7-turn cooldown, and he has a reason to have it in the first place being an illusionist. As for “What’s wrong with” - nothing except that trying to squeeze all this into a one already strong servant’s kit will make this servant too OP and broken for the game balance. Because with this the only thing Gil won’t have is a will to bring you coffee in bed.
I get it that you like him, and you like using him, but another power-up for him isn’t needed or justified.


I am genunely confused, no where in any of my replies or my comment itself do I imply he actually needs a buff, especially a defensive one, because like you said that would make him too OP, but like I already implied with my comment, I myself believe he’s perfectly fine as is, it was more of a “what if” I was trying to see if anyone had any unique ideas for a op buff that will never be (not need be) think the King Hassan interlude.

Again, he doesn’t need a buff nor will her get one (like, maybe a few years down the line when new archers start dethroning the current kings and queens of Archer class?)

EDIT: one thing that irks me whenever anyone brings up game balance: Merlin, we’ve heard it enough times but they shot themselevs in the foot with him, since everything except for his charisma is overloaded, he’s all in one servant, ofc not a DPS but has enough to trivialize the game to the point where Gilgamesh getting a Invic doesn’t seem as jarring (ofc, he won’t)

Maybe he gets it on Battle In New York event sometime during late September; I’m looking forward to it either way :fgo_meltbirb:.

I hope so! Also can’t wait for him to a strengthening quest that gives him triple class advantage against all servants

Yeah, “Is there some chance” sounds like you think they should give him something, esp if next you put an idea of what that buff could be.
Then again, English is not my first language.

Well, DW could always make future servants immune to Enuma Elish. Actually, I wonder if Lostbelts’ servants should be immune to it since technically they are from worlds that aren’t native to Gil and his weapons-wine-whatever-strikes-his-fancy closet.

Later bosses have invul pierce, ignore def and other fun stuff to try and find a way to win without Merlin.
Also, he doesn’t have defence packed in his kit, and yeah, it kind of balances him when all his heals can’t save you from one brutal crit. Nor does he have charge drain. Or skills cooldown decrease. And it’s good, because playing like this would be cheating.

The only thing Gil REALLY needs is a costume dress from the Battle in New York.


Yea I’m not going to argue with you over wether I think he should Or shouldn’t get a stengthing, because frankly if he’s not getting a buff to his charisma that gives him 100% NP charge to every servant both in the frontline and back line than I just think he’s underpowered idk.

Also, yes he should def get the costume, that’s the one thing aside from his Anim update that I want, and considering Salter got hers I imagine gils is at the very least coming eventually

Well charge drain and skill CD decrease are mostly associated with an Arts play style, but him not having a Def buff coupled with how insane new gen crits are and yea, Merlin reliant teams can frigged over in the current lostbelt. And the fact that more Invic ignoring bosses keep popping make fights more interesting and less Merlin 24/7.

Maybe Gil could get something kinda like kuro’s buff which literally only aids Illya. Most of the time the additional effect is useless (especially when you don’t have illya) but give a nice lore flavor. Probably something with enkidu, though I don’t know what, maybe something that would let enkidu’s mana burst be tricolor instead of buster with a toss up between art/quick.

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But it can’t hurt in any team. I mean, Waver is a universal support, and having him to stun-drain-def down the enemy from time to time is a nice bit of help. Or Ozy and Karna NP-sealing your opponent (not technically a drain, but a backside-saving technique all the same).

You mean current JP? Because current NA is still good for him, Valk only has ignore evade, and I don’t think anyone else had ignore invul.

Oh, wow :fgo_shiki_confused:


Hope it comes this year.

Probably when the HF 3 movie get finally release