Gilgamesh or Eresh

Well, that’s a fair point. I still doubt that Eresh would be as ineffective a servant as some claim. I also think that a comparison to Fionn’ NP is not well chosen since he does have an NP upgrade which effectively makes him NP2. Even so, because Eresh has a more hefty 60% Buster buff vs Fionn’s 40% Arts buff once you start applying a mere 10% ATK buff Eresh goes back on top. I also think that what she gains as a result of having low ATK, a high HP pools is often under appreciated; It seems clear that a high HP pool would be ideal for a number of CQ. Now, this I can tell from running and looking at the numbers, but since I don’t any first hand experience (by virtue of being in NA only) I’ll comeback to this after release.

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I can only assume when Aylmeow talks about their respective damages they’re already factoring in those buffs, i.e., talking about damage once all is considered (39K vs Fionn’s 40K, or as mentioned 3rd weakest AOE Lancer damage very straightforwardly regardless). In any case, your damage being compared to Valk is pretty unimpressive in itself, but Valk are at least Skadi-compatible where bang-for-your-buck goes. Maybe the Fionn comparison is unfair, but the comparison to the latter two is.

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Honestly, you wouldn’t need one or the other.

If it’s merely about gameplay: Gilgamesh all the way.
Ereshkigal is no comparison to him whatsoever.
Sure, she has a 50% gauge, but if the NP hits like a wet noodle? Plus, with Karna and Jeanne, you already have good options with a battery as well (lower battery, but with an NP-starting CE and Waver it really doesn’t matter)

Talking gameplay, I’d really consider Gilgamesh, simply because he is by far the best Archer out there. I’m not saying you can’t live without him. Just saying he’s the best!
Ereshkigal would be more of an addition to your collection. She’s nowhere near the best in her class and you already have options that surpass her.

In the end, it really comes down to who you like more.
But objectively speaking: Gilgamesh is the obvious choice.


Well, here’s why: a plane with wings but no engines still flies better than no plane at all. The mere presence of an advantage like a 50% already makes her a more flexible farmer than Gilgamesh since CEs love to come in 50% fills as is known. Simply attach an ATK focused 50% CE and you are set — sure, this is one constraint but it is marginal relative to the capacity of deploying an instant NP.

I’m not really sure if I would assign him the ‘best’ spot. In general, I can see the case since he does have that magnificent 150% servant damage along with a effective skills set and great stats, but depending on one’s specific needs and roster ( this person does have Ishtar), the answer could easily be No.

(Out of the two) and with respect to gameplay and in a vacuum (without context), yes.

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You could put any other Servant next to him. Leaving supporting Servants like Merlin aside, in terms of damage dealers, Gilgamesh is the best. There are only few who can rival him. He’s just that awesome.

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Gil’s been knocked down a few notches by Dante as far as CQ attacker goes, as well as Arjuna Alter, but he’s still easily heads above the other alternatives. NP2 Gil is a class agnostic AoE sweeper that also function well as a ST attacker purely because Enuma Elish gives him Berserker damage against Servants, and NP1 Gil is still a fair bit above every other Archers, ST or AoE.

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You don’t need Eresh at all. You don’t really Gil either since you have Ishtar, although np1 Gil blows her away for the next two years in boss fights. The real answer is getting your own Skadi, np2 Dante’s, a scope and BG.

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Rolling for Gil today bros, thanks for all the suggestions!





Un ga yokatta na, zasshu. Grats!

Well, it’s good that the summonings worked out. Best wishes. :+1: