Gilgamesh vs Prototype Gilgamesh

I could actually see a welfare Gil considering that we have welfares of Rin, Artoria, and Jeanne already. At this point I would expect that Jeanne has well surpassed Artoria as the female cash cow, and even she has a welfare version of her highly popular Alter self. Two versions if you count Janta, which I kind of don’t.

I really do want another 5* Gil much more than I want a welfare, but that’s not to say that the hypothetical welfare couldn’t awesome. After all, we have alts like Ridertoki and Riderin, both of whom are arguably appealing enough and quite useful in terms of gameplay.

while you do have a point, I think I’m pointing something else entirely.

IMO, Artoria has the more alts than any other servants in FGO (lily, alter, lancer, MHX and so on so forth, even all the saberfaces could be count as her alts in some ways), but among them, only two are Welfares, which means (again, IMO) DW doesn’t want to waste Artoria’s cash cow potential into mere free welfares. Jeanne has her own fanbase, I’m sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that she was originally a derivatives from Artoria itself. She having more welfares prolly means to keep saberfaces fans satisfied without giving the original one.

Well, that was just my opinion, tho, and I really can’t see welfare Gil, especially counting the fact that female playerbase isn’t really that much to begin with. But who knows? I don’t mind a bit of surprise anyway.

FSN/FZ Gil because of that bad boy image :fgo_umu:.

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Who says it’s just or even primarily the female player base who would care about a welfare Gil, though? This logic I don’t follow.

I see your reasoning on the alt question; I just don’t really agree that Jeanne or the other saberfaces are derivative beyond the obvious except where it’s explicitly a version of Artoria. Their personalities and designs are otherwise significantly different. I think of saberface more as a running gag than anything.

well, I don’t know about NA, but most JP FGO player (Japanese people, mostly) I followed on twitter folllows the same pattern. Males will show their beloved waifus servants screenshots (or drawings, whichever), while the females would show their waifus/husbandos’ screenshots (yes, the females are more diverse here, or from what I saw on twitter, at least).

Kintoki is one of a few male welfares and is the only one derived from FGO original servants, and I could see him loved (character-wise, not talking about fetishes) by either male or female (I would argue male players would love him more) because of his… um… how should I put it… yankee tendencies? While any incarnation of Gil is mostly targeted towards female players.

Given how scarce bishounen servants, I could imagine female players are more than willing to squeeze out a few more yens to whale for their husbandos, while the males prolly keep him more as a novelty than anything else.

While it sounds rather silly to make assumptions based primarily on male/female dichotomy in this day and age, remember that Japanese people, for the most part, still stick to their outdated hierarchy in many aspect of their lives, and while general audience won’t refuse freebies, there’s no meaning in having them if everyone else is also having it, so all in all, I strongly assume that DW won’t just let the money-making opportunity to pass like that.

I’m not sure how to respond to all that, I’ll be honest.

(Edit: …so I don’t think I’ll get into it, after all, in the interest of not further derailing the thread.)

I feel Karna is tied more to his personality, similar to Gil. The noble warrior’s pride, but I understand you’re meaning. You’re right.

Those others have been shown a physical weakness and Cu (as well as most of the lancers it seems) had the unfortunate/fortunate luck of being hit by a meme so they’re most likely going to stay in their positions. Gil’s arrogance is intangible. It’s easier to have Gil go mary sue and claim it’s part of ‘character development’ or was ‘always in story.’

It would be awesome to have an event where all the Prototypes face off against their ‘Final’ versions. I don’t know how well it would be to invest into the Prototype universe though. After all there was a reason Nasu decided not to go in this direction and take the story that we have now. It seems a lot of love for the universe is in the mystery and how different it could be from what we know. But if we take away that mystery would these characters still be enjoyable or fall out of favor?

But the only thing I know about prototype is the ova shown in this thread. So if there are already novels and manga it could work like the Extra universe. I mean with the amount of Fate animations coming out and scheduled, I wouldn’t be surprised if Prototype is already in the works for a short series or movie.

Aside from that proof of concept, there’s the Fate/Prototype Fragments of Sky Silver light novel series that’s a prequel to Fate/Prototype similar to how Fate/Zero is a prequel to Fate/Stay Night. Fragments of Sky Silver is the one that featured Arash, Ozy, Hassan of Serenity, Paracelsus, Brynhildr and Hyde. Most of these characters in FGO remember their experiences in Fragments of Sky Silver (the exceptions being Serenity and maybe Bryn and Hyde? Not sure on those last two). And saber is the same across both, so he remembers too.

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Interesting. I’ll give it a read when I get the chance. I assume this is where Paracelsus did something evil, because in FGO he seems be trying to atone for something. I didn’t realize so many servants were shown in the Prototype universe already. Most of them being fan favorites too.

Has Nasu ever given a reason why Protoype was scrapped for what we have now?

If I recall correctly, Takeuchi told Nasu that it would be more profitable to gender-swap Ayaka and Arthur (obviously for waifu / harem material). I’m not sure why most of the other Servants and Masters were changed, though.