Gil's inconsistent NP damage

Is it just me or archer Gil’s NP special attack damage has a really wide range? Same buffs, same enemy servant, damage is between 160k to 220k. Sometimes it can one hit KO, sometimes not. Its kinda disturbing hahaha

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All servants’ damages are RNG. All you need is put several buffs before unleashing their NP.

I know but from all my servants, I think his damage has the most difference in terms of minimum and maximum damage done using same buffs. I dont know why. Im just bothered because sometimes it can 1 hit a boss and I dont need to think about hp leftover

the difference comes from the overcharge? Before processing to attack the enemy you must choose his NP card at last. (3rd choice)

No overcharge. Same routine always (for saber stage this lotto). Tomoe atk up lvl 9, Nightingale buster up lvl 10, Gil charisma lvl10, Waver atk up lvl10, plugsuit atk up lvl 3. Damage on enemy servant is always 160k to 220k

Dumb question but I need to check. Is this for the Fake version (Astolfo), or true version (D’Eon) or both? Because there will be a difference in damage due to attribute modifier as well.


Look at the damage calculation formula. Damage from any attack, including NP, has a random multiplier that falls anywhere between 0,9 to 1,1. Guessing that you rounded 160k and 220k - the damage numbers more or less fall into the standard pattern.
/Edit: Also, Gilgamesh, being Heaven-attributed, should have bonus damage against Astolfo and less damage against D’Eon


Yeah, as mentioned, Gil is Sky/Heaven attribute which gets a bonus 10% against Earth attribute (Astolfo) but an equivalent onus against Man (D’Eon). On top of the RNG variance in damage (like pokemon) that definitely accounts for the range you’re seeing.


Oh okay. Maybe didnt really see which servant I was up against as long as I could NP KO them haha plus didnt also consider those attributes you guys were mentioning. Thanks