Gil's new NP animation

Holy shit I think I just busted a nut from watching this.


I need to wait to see it on something not twitter garbage quality autocompression, but

lol, ccc style np

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Also, lip-sync + flawless anime optics. Gaem’s come far indeed.

When’s golden boy’s next rate-up again?

I love his new sprite too, looks taller and more imposing.


here you go fam

Mmmmm…that close up of his face. Maybe I should ask his caster self to bring him home one day. Will he even do that, after I dragged him home though :fgo_umu:? I have my two Artorias to offer to him, and also the ones from my friend list just in case :fgo_buster:.

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My non-existent ovaries just exploded :fgo_dshy:


Chidori CE… Darn DW… Reminded me of Babylon

Friendship with Semiramis, CANCELLED.

Gilgamesh is my new NP2 save target.


So now his poor Master has to drag Gil’s throne on every mission? :'D


Gil’s original animation was so garbage. Crouch and thrust sword beam.

I didn’t even register that yet, lmao. Chad-tier EX. :fgo_rinlaugh:

Need to see whether I am willing to whale 'ard at around new year’s for the lad yes, yes, update will be a while before it hits NA, but still

It’s le epic zoom in to the face NP. yay.


My poor back, I’m too old for this xD

More likely, at around Thanksgiving since a lot of JP’s New Year’s banners end up there in NA.

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Neat. That’s the word which came to my mind.

I miss the BGM

what? but cosmic air’s still playing

Oh that’s pretty nice, just need to wait now… ZzZzZz :sleeping:

God the moment he looked straight to camera was beautiful. you can feel its power

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I guess so, weird. I had not seen this video linked here in particular but and some other Twitter and Facebook clips before. They didn’t have BGM for whatever reason (the one I’ve linked doesn’t have, it’s added manually I believe, eg can’t hear it 2nd time NP is shown)