Giovanni Quest reset?

So does the Giovanni quest reset these days? I’ve got 20+ Shadow Pokemon itching to be purified and transferred.

Giovanni is on hold until September I believe.

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ugh. i have no desire for a second shadow Entei. why couldn’t the freeze have happened when a better mon was the reward lol

Am I being stupid but, I don’t have a Giovanni research (nor have I done one)

Really? I wish i would have known​ this was going to happen in advance so I didn’t finish the quest so fast and could fight decoys for some more variety of shadow 'mons :expressionless:


Ummmm what’s the shadow that Giovanni has this month again? Because I’m itching to get a legendary bird or beast since I’ve played for like seven months and not a single legendary bird or beast is in my Box.

Its Entei. Same as last month and the one before…:yawning_face:

It’s the recurring Research Quest “Looming in the Shadows”; you go after Grunts and purify Shadow Pokemon, ending with a fight with Giovanni for a Shadow Legendary. Usually it resets every month, so if you haven’t done it ever, you should still have it.

I just read it actually. I still have ‘The Takeover Continues’. It looks like it unlocks after that