Giratina (A and O) breakpoints

I returned defeated even with some lucky trades this event, I´m a fan of Giratina (ghost in general are my favourite type on pokemon) so I wanted to try to powered up one shiny of its forms till lvl 50 as a long term goal.
I have made lot of raids of both Giratinas trying for a good shiny but with not very good results.
I got a shiny GA 13/14/10 on my main, on my secondary I got both GA and GO in shiny with horribles IVs but ready to be trade.

After the trades:
I got a GO 13/13/14 (shiny) and a GA 12/14/15 (shiny) both with a lucky trade.
Are one of these Giratinas worth to powered up or there is a critical breakpoint to be considered?

Or I should choose another one, my others are:
For Giratina Origin:
15/12/12 (no shiny, lucky),
15/13/14 and 14/14/15 (normal from a raid)

For Giratina Altered:
15/15/13 and 15/13/15 (normal from a raid)

I guess it’s for ML - for GirA attack doesn’t matter that much, it’s relatively rare, hence the mirror is rare. For GirO, I just would try to power up this with full attack (151314 sounds good). Doesn’t matter much if you’ve got more defense or stamina.
If you also consider UL, the 151315 stops at 2500, afaik (i remember using one by myself, if I recall correctly). That’s pretty nice, especially because you win most mirror CMP, often crucial

IMO, the Tina A. will be great for Ultra League. I’d hold out for a better Tina O. for Master League

Thanks for your answers , this is sad, I really wanted to powered up a Shiny Giratina for ML but no one of the Lucky trades gave me a good enough IVs for G-O or G-A.

I think I should focus on my non legendary pokemons for ML.

Could I made a decent ML team whit these pokemons?
Metagross, Gyarados, Gengar (maxed lvl 50), Garchomp, Dragonite, Swampert, Machamp and Ursaluna (Return version) most are lvl 50 targets due the Mega evolutions, being Dragonite, Machamp and Ursaluna the exeptions, Dragonite is the only one with enougth XL candies to lvl 50, other options are Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise all on the list are 100% IV. I think I also have a perfect togekiss but like 10 XL

Mewtwo, Lugia and Yvental are my only perfect legendary pokemons but have around 30 XL candies each (Lugia only 10) so they are a very long term proyects

Those are all good pokemon to have at lvl 50. Personally, I’m not a fan of Gengar or Machamp I ML. Too glassy. But that’s my playstyle.

The others will all work great together. There is a bit of redundancy. Gyarados, Dragonite, Metagross is a fine team. Might be better if you swapped Metagross for Melmetal (which is easy to max out as well.)

Then wait for good IV Legendaries and max them as they come. The XL candy and stardust are far rarer resources.

I maxed My Gengar most because is one of my favourites pokemons, is a beast on PVE due its Mega and also is my only Shundo. :muscle: :sunglasses:

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