Giratina gone?

Alright so I’ve done plenty of sets of battles today, and I was rather surprised to see that only two Gira-A’s appeared in anyone’s parties. I have a Charmer on my team but it’s doing rather badly becuz it’s not like the bulky Clefable or Togekiss. Is Giratina gone? Should I replace my Charmer?

It was a popular lead yesterday, and part of today (I was leading Articuno). Then got a patch of Melmetal, Empoleon and Registeel leads. I switched to Regi lead. 2500+ not much grass, so Giratina gets beat by charms, however, it does well vs. Charizard and Swampert and Escavalier. It also slows Melmetal down. I went a while not seeing much Cresselia, but where I’m at a slight downtick for Gira-A mostly means a few people putting a Cresselia in

Ok so I found out for myself in a set of five if replacing my Charmer with my Arcanine would be a good choice, and it actually was! Becuz my Arcanine knew Crunch i led with it deal with any possible Gira-A’s, but there were none and I sa more venusaurs and charizards and vaporeon s than anything really. Oh and also I had to forfeit a match cuz I had to eat lunch. ; - ;

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It happens. Not sure how much is a function of time of day or region and how much is a matter of where you are in the rankings. What’s common changes up quite a bit and even full set is not enough sample to tell is there’s a trend towards or away from certain 'mon. That said, Giratina is less common now than it was in preseason and the higher you climb, the less you see of it.

I saw a Lickilicky and a Torterra today…but moreso Acid Spray Escavalier. Could be people just trying different stuff…at this point in Ultra they are probably going to stay in the same area they already are

It all depends on what league and level you’re in. I was doing quite well with Cresselia, A-Muk, and Machamp at level 7, got promoted to level 8, and that team struggled mightily.

So last night, I pulled the trigger, and powered up and 3-moved my perfect Registeel. (Still need to best buddy him.) New team with Swampert lead, Cresselia and Registeel is doing very well so far, 4-1 and 3-2. Two of the three losses were learning the team - lost one time when I fought 2 fairies and Charizard, and let Zard fight Registeel for way too long, etc. Seeing good things going forward for this team.

Overall, the key is to be responsive to the meta, including when you battle. I find different mixes when I battle at different times of day - just try to stay ahead of what others are doing, and you’ll win a lot of matches.

As has been reported on this board before, the lower rating levels of level 8 are fairy land. Bring steel, fire and poison to win there. Looking forward to finding out what’s next as my rating goes up.

Most teams have a Giratina counter these days so it’s usage is down. Cresselia can deal with it these days so there’s a shift away from it.
That said, it’s still a powerful all rounder and a well placed Tina can wreck a team. So Charm users still have a place as an ace in the hole and decent damager. Never underestimate the ability to bring a pokèmon down without it having a chance to shield.

Naaah, GiratinA ist still everywhere. Could be that it is more common in higher regions, but overall it still is the king with swampert. Just coincidence. I also thought fairies are gone . That was disproven the other day. Now st 2400 fairies everywhere. But also registeel, even venusaur , cresselia as well. No way to predict anything except that swampert and GiratinA are the most common. The thing is that everybody plays the small number of 25 matches max per day. Coincidence is playing a larger role than one might think. The human brain always try to see some patterns, but here serious predictions will fail.

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I think I encountered Giratina in 80% of the matches yesterday? Most of them as a lead

I’m trying to take a level 35 to rank 7 (before GBL went down today)…leading FS/DC+BB Charizard. Snorlax L/BS+EQ, 2293cp Meganium VW/FP+EQ. Started halfway thru 5, now halfway thru 6. I’ve seen considerable Giratina…obviously more random pokemon used, so saving that Meganium doesn’t always pay off bc Swamperts I see are surfers. More likely to have a Togekiss or Gira at the end. Blaziken is not anything I enjoy either w/ Snorlax and Meg. A lot of 3-2s after first set 4-1.

Giratina everywhere. Beyond annoying.

Funny. I haven’t seen a single one since those Giratinas that I saw before…

You could have a point, I live in the US, would you say the US players are using Gira-A less?

Isn’t the matching worldwide? Completely don’t know. I guess it is more about the score? Or it is really arbitrary

I’ve wondered the same thing