Giratina Origin raid using Mega Charizard X (edit: added M. Houndoom)

Hi all,

I figured i might as well just create a post to help everyone since i’m writing for my community again.

Here is the DPS spreadsheet that i created. First, disclaimers again that i did this for free and the spreadsheet could have typos and errors. I grabbed the DPS from rather than GP’s DPS, because I personally thought GP’s DPS a bit higher than reality. Well, DPS is just an estimate, and I’m not here to judge which website is more accurate, but using the lower number might be safer.

The spreadsheet did not include shadows (except for mewtwo, just to make everyone feel their $14.99 USD was worth it :stuck_out_tongue:). If you want to see the shadow variant’s DPS, simply apply the 20% boost to the pokemon similiar to weather boost. For example, Weavile at level 40 requires 2.3 players to beat Giratina. If you are using a shadow variant, take [2.3 / 1.2 = 1.9], and 1.9 would be the minimum players required for a duo. This means assume all players are using maxed out shadow weaviles, it is duo-able. (1.9 means duo-able but difficult, where something like 1.2 would be an easy duo).

How come Charizard X was not on this spreadsheet? Here is why:

  1. Dragon Breath is not available at the beginning of the Giratins-O’s return. It returns on 10/9 and leaves on 10/23, but CD is on 10/17.
  2. I want to talk more about whether to use Charizard X.

With Air Slash/Dragon Claw, its DPS is at about 19-20 without applying the 30% boost. That would be about 25 DPS with the 30% boost. It would be slightly better than Reshiram, but it gives boosts to all teammates.

So the question would be, “In a shortman raid attempt, will using Mega Charizard X without Dragon Breath help significantly? Or should I just use Rayquaza?” First, please note that this question is directed to those with at least one team of 6 dragons, because that’s what you need for a Gira-O duo or trio with lower accounts. If you are
do not have enough dragons, yes Mega Char X will fill up that spot, but it might not be necessary if you can fill it up with something else. Using Mega Charizard X generally gives you about 5 to 10 seconds advantage over using a top dragon counter.

Here is the math:

  • Assume that rest of your teammate(s) are using dragon attackers at about 40 DPS, 30% will get their DPS boosted up to about 53 DPS. 53 plus your 25 = 78 DPS

  • Assume rest of your teammates are using TTars and other non-Dragon attackers at about 40 DPS, 10% will get them boosted to about 44 DPS. 44DPS plus your 25 = 69 DPS

If you were to use a maxed out Ray at 27.9 DPS, plus your teammate’s unboosted 40 DPS.
40 DPS + 27.9 = 67.9 DPS

Again, the difference in DPS is not by much if you have another Rayquaza (or top dragon attacker) to fill up the same spot. Assume your Char X can survive for 20 seconds and gives 15 extra DPS, that’s only 300 additional damage in total of 15,000 boss’ HP. This just means that if you needed 250 seconds to finish the raid, now you can finish within 245 seconds.

Some people might look at TDO when doing shortman attempts, but i don’t believe it’s necessary. Obviously if you only use Gengars, you will end up relobbying 3 or 4 times and fall behind on DPS. If you do not have 6 top dragons, my recommendation is to build a team with mix counters that will allow you to survive nearly half of the raid timer. You will spend extra 10 seocnds to max revive and re-enter for optimal DPS, rather than going back in with second team or recommended team. TDO might be a good indicator, but you really don’t need much bulk in raid battles as it is a game of time attack.

Hope this helps! Good luck raiding while GBL is having all these connections issues! Feel free to criticize my opinions but please give some helpful thoughts. If no one reads this or finds this helpful at all, I will stop posting these in the future :slight_smile: . Thanks for reading!


Always appreciative of your in-depth analysis on things like this! I’ve been planning out my duo Gira team all day so any and all input is always welcome. I’m not walking away from this raid event without a gosh-darn shiny lol


@BallinTaco thank you for the support!

Here is the estimated DPS spreadsheet for M. houndoom. It looks like a duo with weather boost can be done. It would be very hard without weather boost, but it seems possible. I know someone out there will do it and post on youtube :slight_smile:

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How about not using Mega Charizard X or any other Mega until the design of this Mega-Bleed-Debt scam was revamped into a remotely platable version?

It’s not like walking the energy will be available till end of year and chances are it will just be 1 energy per 1km.

It‘s also not like everyone hates the system with such a burning passion as you do :man_shrugging:

Let the people enjoy it if they enjoy

I’m still trying to work out what “platable” means

I’m not having it on my google history but put it into urban dictionary and it will probably mean something that you likely need a specialist establishment in Amsterdam, a strong stomach and a lot of Euros to do.

Apart from that, no idea.

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Typo, didn’t know how to type that word.

Should be “palatable.”

It’s also just fun theorizing and doing the math, seeing how far the envelope can be pushed :tipping_hand_woman: It’s one of my favorite parts of the game at least… stocking up good mons, resources, doing the calculations with DPS/TDO spreadsheets, reading guides, and then if you’re lucky, you get to put all of that together in practice! The first time I duoed Rayquaza with my alt post-Swinub CD was one of the most satisfying feelings… I’ll choose to stay optimistic about Megas if only for the fact I get to theorize about what new opportunities they might provide us in the future :yum:

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I’m pretty indifferent to megas currently but I love short-manning and I’m still hoping the system is revised further because it has so much potential.

Plenty of random theorising in this game generally and on here in particular, carry on, it’s as much fun as the game itself.