Giratina v.s Dialga

I am thinking of powering up my dialga for master league pvp, but I also have a giratina-O that I want to invest in. Which would be better? I also want a pokemon that is good for pve too. (Dialga has ivs of 14/14/10, and Giratina has ivs of 15/12/14)

Hopefully you can get a lucky one to reduce the cost of stardust at least, maybe get better stats.
I powered up my perfect Dialga/DialGod as soon as I got it, unlocked second move. The thing is a beast. Very few pokemon can go toe-to-toe with it. I’ve been wanting to power-up a G-O, but I don’t have a good enough one yet, along with some extra candy needed.


Don’t get me wrong, but if every time you want to power up something, you are going to create a discussion about it, maybe you should start thinking about some self and personal rules to avoid getting into the situation where you have more pokemon to power up than resources to do so.

Personally I have these pretensions to avoid running out of resources:
Rare : 100%. Legendary: 96. Shiny: 93. If lucky, then 96, 93 and 91 respectively.

This pretensions are related to my level of resources, and for the moment I’m doing fine. If I had less resources I’d be even more pretentious and selective since I can only power up a few pokemon, and I’ll focus on catching high lvl wild pokemon for raids, gym and rocket.

For PvE, Giratina is more useful than Dialga. Twelve legendaries are weak to ghost, compared to seven weak to dragon. Giratina can also deal with the occasional Ghost or Psychic gym defender, while Draco Meteor holds Dialga back as a gym attacker.

I am kind of new to pokemon go meta, and need some help from more experienced people. Also only have 230k stardust, so I need to invest in the best stuff possible

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It’s ok to ask pal, you can always learn something.
Advice: NEVER power up a dialga for PvP master unless it has 15 atk and defense. And if you power up, always go to level 40. Dialga gets a bulkpoint/breakpoint in that level, dealing more damage to itself.
If you have a dialga that’s 15 atk and you face a dialga 15 defense, you deal 4 damage each Dragon breath. But, if the opponent has 14 defense, you deal 5 damage. This is the difference between a tie and winning the match with more than 30 hp.
So, you need 15 atk for the eventual break point and 15 defense for the eventual bulkpoint. 25% damage every single dragon breat is a huge deal. So if you are 14 in something and the opponent is 15 in something, you lose. Opposite situation, you win. It’s a huge investment to give that big of an advantage.
HP is important too, but not as important in this particular case. It’s better to go 15/15/11 than 14/15/15. And a 15/15/0 dialga wins a match vs a 15/14/15 dialga at a “DragonBreath race”.
This one is pretty fun:

How a 3800 cp dialga beats the mighty 98% one. The breakpoint is a must.

So, wait for the 15/15.

PvE speaking, giratina-o is a beast. So the answer is pretty clear to me. But I would take tina to level 30/35 and wait. It can come back someday, and you may find a better one, maybe shiny. People like shinies…


I agree with your reasoning but will point out that there are a number of 'mon that can fill the Ghost attacker role, namely Chandalure, Darkrai, and Gengar. There’s only one Dragon type that resists Dragon attacks so in that sense Dialga has a better niche. Plus, not a lot of Psychic or Ghost types on the horizon for 2020.

For immediate use, Dialga should be preferred. Both have high utility though.

Woah, I never knew about the PvP break/bulkpoints for Dialga in the mirror matches, so thanks for that!

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My advice, if you new dont waste your stardust yet
And dont just powering up anything even if it is very2 good meta. Power it up only if you really need it. If not then save it for later
230K is not a lot if you wanna focus on PVP
Like this months Raid boss, Terrakion. Is it good ? Off course (for PVE). Will i use it now ? Not really.
Is Dialga good for PVP ? Yes.
Does the cost worth it for Master League when majority of trainers who focus on PVP play in Great League ?

The advantage of investing in ML PvP Pokemon is that some of them are also quite good in Team Rocket battles and can be used effectively in certain raids. Dialga fits the bill here.


Sure they are, same with many pokemons that can be usefull in raid when they are at high level especially for trainers that choose or forced to raid with minimal group of trainers.
That why for Dialga in the OP case i ask about is it worth it ? He only have 230K stardust now while they are many cheaper and in some case free (beside the candy) that also can doing well in team rocket battle from Grunt to leaders including Giovanni and also performs well in PVE which i believe Dialga is not quite good at it.

Dialga is better in PvP than Giratina Origin. They both have their place in raids but you’ll get more use out of Dialga with Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyuurem. There are better counters for all 3 but without knowing what your dragon team looks like Dialga at least deals super effective damage against these 3. Just be careful about using Dialga against Reshiram if its using fire type moves.

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A friend told me once, and I was amazed. Never powered up a dialga just because of that, keep looking for the 15/15.
If official PvP becomes a thing, better get prepared

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Unless you’ve unlocked the second move and have Iron Head which may help, but more so for PvP.
Also, save the Energy for Draco Meteor for the next pokemon. Dragon Breath is plenty strong by itself.

How long you’ve played also plays a big role as I have armies of ttar and machamp at the ready x2 teams at lvl 40 on multiple species just because it was relevant at the time. I’ve got something that’ll cover anything with type effectiveness so I am usually just investing in new useful ones mostly to get to level 30 at least but I can say I have more than ten maxed Pokémon with shit IVs from early on and wouldn’t trade em for anything bcuz they went to battle for me and it’s fun to see the power up button gone.

That’s why I said what I said. If you want you can just copy my playstyle, and there you have the answer to your question, which is: save your stardust. Please read my previous answer again, you have all the solutions there.

ok, makes sense