Girls frontline

Hello guys… let’s say I’m a fun to play player… so I like to form an echelon like the those in the story… e.g. AR team, squad 404, so my question is which T doll suit to complete squad 404(since they’re already 4 dolls)? And are there any story echelons ?

Since all of 404 is Heckler and Koch weapons you could complete it with one of the other HK weapons, like G41 or G36. You could also go with UMP40 but that wouldn’t make a very well rounded echelon.
Some of the other story echelons are FN Team, Negev’s team, Thompson’s team, Makarov’s team, M99’s Team, and RO’s temporary team.

I can give you the make up of all those teams if you want.


I would sincerely like to see theses echelons and I thank you very much

FN Team has FAL, FNC, Five-seveN, FN49, and F2000.
Negev’s team has Galil, Tar-21, and Negev.
Thompson’s Team is Thompson, M1911, M14, M9, Ingram, M21, and Super SASS.
Makarov’s Team is Makarov, M1895, AK-47, and SKS.
M99’s Team is M99, Captain China(Type 97 Shotgun), Type 56-1, NZ75, and Type 64.
RO’s temporary team is RO635, Sten Mk2, AAT-52, and Type 92.

You can probably tell already it’s kinda hard to make echelons out of the story groups, but that’s just how Mica decided to set up their team themes.