Give and take full force battle without grid?

So according to the missions I need to beat the full force battle with only 6 pairs…
Is it possible without synch grid?
And what teams did you use to beat them?
Please keep in mind that I’m asking for both round 1 and 2


It isn’t

Sycamore is good at 4/5 and 5/5 is just icing on the cake

For 5/5 wait for his rerun is what I’d say

It’s just… I got Swanna, but not enough time to get move candy and prep her

Sycamore, Korrina and Calem are the best F2P team for balance but non F2P would be Lysandre, May and Sycamore

Sycamore is ridiculously strong and the best F2P support pair in the game

He even has great synergy with Leon, who’s coming around soon

Diantha, B2W2 Iris, Marnie

You name it he’s got synergy