Give my purified Hundo Dragonite Return or the CD move?

Just got a hundo Dratini purified from a Rocket stop!

wondering if I should give it Return for the rarity(how many hundo Dragons have it?) or Draco Meteor. From what I see it is impossible to do both :(. just wondering what others would do

Return, because Outrage or DC will be more effective the majority of the time both in raids and PVP - plus in PVP Draco Meteor now lowers the user’s defense, combine that with the rarity factor and if I were in your position I’d keep Return on it then add another non-CD Dragon move.

Remember though, that means you’ve got to wait until after CD is through to evolve it. CD moves automatically override Return.

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I would actually evolve it with draco meteor. Is much easier to get a hundo from team rocket than from a regular wild encounter, so return dragonite is not that rare and draco meteor became really good when paired with dragon claw and dragon breath for master league pvp (you have switch out after using it but it’s worth it). Besides, return is pretty useless so wou’ll need to unlock outrage if you want to use dragonite on PVE for some reason.

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I myself have also today gotten a dratini that will be a hundo once purified.

Return is beyond useless. Not worth consideration for raids and useless in gym defense due to how weak it is there.
Draco meteor is unrealiable in raids, due to taking an eternity to charge and you’re risking fainting before taking real use of it. Outrage eclipses it there in every possible way. Some people try to be fancy and unlock one move and use both in raids, to somehow find the midle ground and do more damage, but that in practice almost never happens, so all one gets is having less stardust.
For Rocket battles dragon claw charges faster and gets rid of shields, while Outrage and Draco meteor take way more energy and hit way harder. Draco meteor since the update hits like a nuke, but this comes at the price of your attack going significantly down. Granted I didn’t test this on a dragon yet, but I did use my close combat(defense decrease) ursaring vs lick snorlax and Lick sure did way more damage after the close combat, despite Urasring double resisiting it. If the same aplies to attack, then you’re more or less forced to switch to another pokemon right after using it and makes the move more or less worthless against someone who still has shields left.
Return has now been changed in the last update and it is a terrible move in rocket battles.
For pvp same thing applies, but you’ll then use it for master league, which is more or less the same thing as rocket battles and well… good luck at finding people who do these.

So now it comes down to what you want to use it.
For raids Outrage is a no brainer. By far the best dragon charge move.

As of me personally. I think I’ll unlock a second charge move, which is not what I thought I’ll do on a dragonite, but if I want to use my hundo for both rocket battles and raids, it’s the best thing in the long turn, for it not to become a charge TM trash bin. Might as well evolve it tomorrow to see how draco meteor performs in rocket battles and pair it with dragon claw. I can still TM it to Outrage later. Which would be the best thing to do when dragons are again needed in raids, which doesn’t seem to be happening in the near future.