Giving Sonia the build she deserves

So this is my current Sonia build:

Now I have been thinking and I am undecided between these 2 (note: build 1 should have Pact Blooms+ but Unit Builder doesnt have it for some reason…):

Build 1

Build 2

Honestly, I find the second build tempting :thinking: but I am Open to opinions. Thank you guys :blush::pray:

  • Build 1
  • Build 2

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Tonk, no recoil. (Pact blooms, not blarblooms. Free A and C slots.)


Well that’s impressive :sweat_smile:


If you want to make the Pact Blooms build,

Go to Custom Unit Builder, select Sonia and once you select the weapon, Pact Blooms will be there.

Why it is there and not in the regular builder is as a big mystery as IS not giving Sonia a prf. :feh_fayeshrug:


This is the build I’d like to run on mines (minus the S-support), I’d pick Null Follow up 3 to take on Impact users and Forced units better but Lull might be better for extra bulk. With some drive/guard support, she can hit hard and be bulky in both phases. It’s more reliable.

If you want spd, you need invest quite a lot in her and while Brunnya can do it better, Sonia can still do it just fine.

About 64 spd and she remains bulky and hits hard.

I think the Spooky Censer works with Desperation and Brazens


Those are some good builds, She is a versatile Unit (altough She should have a pref, maybe in 2025)
The fact that She still has 40 res with L&D4 is just insane :sweat_smile::joy:


Thanks, I was unsure about giving her Pulse Smoke. I saw your building and I’m going to put it on. I’m doing an Air-D build just for distance. With Distant Defense 4 and Null-C Dis …