Glaceon or Leafeon

Who is better to leave at gyms? Glaceon or Leafeon
Who is better at attacking gyms? Glaceon or Leafeon

Neither is good at either

Neither is a particularly good defender, but then again, “good defender” defines very few Mons anyways, so in that sense, either will do fine.

As attackers, both do a fairly good job, but both are outclassed by other options for their type (as is the case with all Eeveelutions).

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In defense: Glaceon have 4 weakness, and Leafeon 5, but Glaceon is weak to Machamp a common attacker…so Leafeon would be a better option.

In attack: Glaceon is good against dragonite, Salamance and Garchomp, but if you have a mamoswine or weavile it is not necessary.

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Glaceon is better in both DPS and TDO as weavile. Is the second best ice attacker in the game

Sir. Glaceon is always necessary. Thank you.


Glaceon could be an better raid option than Mamoswine in some cases due to the Swine’s dual typing.

A quick correction: Glaceon’s DPS is a bit lower than Weavile’s, but I still rank Glaceon as the second best ice type since it has better TDO

Also, taking into account DPS^3*TDO, Glaceon is the second best

In my heart, though, Glaceon is the very best of them all


Just felt like showing off my boi, he waited so long to become what he was meant to be. 97% and caught at level 31.

Ice has far more weaknesses than Ground so if there are Pokemon that take advantage of Ground weaknesses but not Ice AND doesnt have a better counter than Glaceon, the list is short.

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If shaymin sky forme is ever realise as raid boss Glaceon and Weavile will be able to shine

Took mine to a Scyther raid today because I could. Ended up using only him and my Rampardos. Decently tanky little guy.

Salamence used Hydro Pump!

Exeggutor used Seed Bomb!

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Mamoswine is still better than Glaceon against both.

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thats if they can even use those moves though avalanche is two bar and powder snow’s fast energy, ive frequently been able to use Av before mence could even use an outrage