Glicsor Ultra

I’ve used Gliscor 2430CP fury cutter/ night shade, and he has done wonders for me in ultra league. 16/20 so far with this team. Gliscor fc/ns, Vaporeon wg/at, and (just for fun, anyone can go here) Ursaring c/cc.
I’ve taken out all the main users, Giratina, Swampert, Armored mew, etc…
I don’t know why no one is using Gliscor, I will definitely add additional move, earthquake. But his energy gain added with night shade is gold. And his typing is better than Scizor.
Vaporeons main job is to deflect swamperts… out lasts him in head to head, every time. Also has a decent energy to charge move… basically spams away. Bulky.
The third is just a random, but Ursaring has got me out of jams at the last second… anyway, main guy is Gliscor. Try him out

Ive considered gliscor before, but I dont think itd be a worthy addition to my team. Swampert - which is on every team - absolutely wrecks it. So do common feraligatrs, blastoises, articunos, and lapras. It probably gets wrecked by meganium and venusaur with frenzy plant. Fire starters or charmers with shields will undo all the charging for eq as well and neutralize it with ease.

As for the last sentence, maybe its okay as a closer. And even as closer, you may need a shield advantage to overcome the target. But as a lead or switch… i think gliscor is a very high risk to use.