Global Challenges 2019

Just announced.

The first challenge runs during Go Fest Chicago, June 13 to 16.

  • Pokémon GO Fest Chicago event attendees—Complete 1 million research tasks to unlock 2× Catch Candy
  • Team Instinct—Complete 15 million research tasks globally to unlock guaranteed 1 Rare Candy per raid
  • Team Valor—Complete 15 million research tasks globally to unlock 1/2 Hatch Distance
  • Team Mystic—Complete 15 million research tasks globally to unlock 2× Hatch Candy

Is it me or does that seem like a lot?

I am sure they are aware how attainable these goals are.
I find it hard to believe they would set a target that we won’t achieve - they want us to get it.


This year’s Go Fest is an extra couple of days longer than last year’s. The Go Fest attendees definitely have a lot more work to do compared to last year’s 100k task requirement, but I feel like last year the requirements got blown out of the water very quickly - maybe I’m remembering it wrong but I think every goal was met before the first day was even over.

Overall I don’t see clearing these as an issue, barring some network oddity that causes research to just stop working.

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Time to get back to 9 eggs, been there a few times, but I would shed a few

I tend to complete 2 research tasks per day because most research tasks aren’t worth the effort. During events like this week, I’ve completed about 20 per day because I’m making the effort. (and I want the bloody shinies… which I AM NOT GETTING! Fandango Smash, then remembers Part 2 of Name, and brings flower for apology) So you figure that 60 per player is not an unreasonable number, and you only need 4 million players worldwide playing at my level in order to unlock that reward.

You figure that there is probably 10-20 million players in North America alone, and it’s not going to be an issue to reach these goals.

It’s entirely reasonable.

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Or at the very least, 10-20 million different accounts.

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We’ll get the challenge done quickly, thanks to this guy. :rofl:


So hyped for Raikou returning to raids! Can finally try for a 96+% one and put my maxed perfect Groudon to good use! Plus the 3x Catch Stardust in August!

…now to get some research done and accumulate 10km eggs for the double hatch candy.

Every time I see this dude he somehow manages to have MORE PHONES. The absolute madman.


I do wonder what the exclusive moves could be for the legendary beasts. Entei and Raikou already have the best movesets that are currently in the game for their type. Suicune, on the other hand, has a bad moveset, but it with that low attack stat it doesn’t have a chance compared to the other water attackers.

Since Niantic doesn’t seem too eager to introduce new movesets as of late and due to their current rule of not being able to TM what you caught before an event, I think it would be for the best if they give either coverage or PVP oriented moveset. This way a new move would be good for a certain niche, while those who powered up Entei and Raikou wouldn’t get screwed over.

For Raikou a candidate would be Discharge. It doesn’t learn any good coverage moves against ground and giving it something like Crunch would be an odd choice tbh.
For Entei candidates could be Solar beam for coverage(does hit all three weaknesses, but it’s not practical) and Flame Charge, which despite being weak would be good since it needs less energy comapred to the other moves.
For Suicune the most obvious thing would be to give it Waterfall, which I guess could make it better for PvP, where its defensive nature isn’t a hindrance, as well as better than all three fast moves it had till this point. That being said, why again are legendary pokemon not allowed for gyms? Cause this rule makes a lot of them ure dex fillers.

Eh. Truthfully, I’d be fine if they shied away from exclusive moves this time around. I know that’s likely not the case considering every raid day had an exclusive move bar Articuno for most people, who eventually got Hurricane slapped onto it during its reschedule which carried over during their final week together.

If they had to go with exclusive moves I’d be in favor of off-type coverage picks. A fun nod would be to give them one of the moves their main series event counterparts had - Weather Ball for Raikou, Crush Claw for Entei, and Air Slash for Suicune. Though with Weather Ball’s randomness of typing and Crush Claw not having move information added yet I don’t see it happening. All three are in the game (somewhat in Crush Claw’s case) so I don’t see it as completely unsound.

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I agree with you, aside from the unsalvageable Suicune, I’m fine with their movesets. Raikou is still a top 3 Electric pick, Entei is still a top 3 Fire pick (in TDO) and I don’t have to stock up on TMs since their movepool keeps expanding (currently 4 charge moves per :woozy_face:).
PSYCHED about the shinies though! Shiny Raikuo looks boss!

In b4 they all get Extrasensory or Bulldoze!

Here’s the progress at about 7 hours in. At this rate, we seem to be a little behind schedule but I’d imagine there’ll be a surge during the weekend when people have more time to play.

Yeah, it’s hard to do stuff being stuck at a desk for the past 8 hours :joy:

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