GLR on an Armour with Hardy Fighter?

Pretty much the title. I’ve been thinking that since hardy fighter reduces the cooldowns to practically 0 and the start of turn for abilities like sacred cowl, would it also do the same for GLR? The way I see it, GLR is more defensive and does actually activate from enemy hits and we do have speedy armours like Winter Manuela, Valentine’s Lucina and Ascended Fjorm. Has anyone tried making a speed build with Hardy Fighter and GLR?

It is Infantry Sword, Lance and Axe only.


Damn they should change that. Is it the same for vital astra?

yes. VA and GLR infantry only


Yup and spd-based specials always will be. Armors have access to fighter skills, and have super high defenses. It would be downright illegal to give them Vital Astra or Godlike Reflexes. And IS has no history of ever changing weapon/skill limitations or effects aside from when they don’t work as intended and are fixed in an update. Don’t hold your breath dude lol

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