Pokemon GO have finally implemented their own PvP Battle Online Matchmaking League, this is HUGE.

Its gunna have its teething problems but what a direction this game is going in!

Personally, I’m excited for it. Having official rankings will be great for those who enjoy competitive PvP. The only thing I’m potentially wary of is the following statement from their announcement:

“Trainers will be able to walk in order to earn entry into the Go Battle League.”

Whatever these walking requirements may be, I hope they are thoughtfully implemented. If the requirements are too cumbersome, that alone could drive people away from the feature.

Another potential factor to note is that while this feature is exciting for those who already enjoy PvP, a ranked matchmaking system alone may not be enticing enough to draw new people in to PvP. The prohibitive costs for unlocking second charge moves and powering up Mons that are only useful in PvP are still two major factors that cause a fair number of players to shy away from PvP.

We’ll have a better idea on how all of this may shape out when Niantic does a full announcement on the feature. If there are enough rewards, badges, and other reasons being added that will entice people to utilize the PvP system, then perhaps this will be a big hit! I’ve immensely enjoyed PvP, so I would hope that it will start gaining more traction.

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I’m excited but then I ain’t no scrub

Great league
Ultra league
Master league
Three courses, taste just like victory
You ain’t no real trainer B
Ain’t no one in this game like me
I make you fools into a soup
And get drunk up off it like beer cheese

If they only tried half as hard with fixing the glitches in raids, as they do with this feature that most players don’t care about.
Anyway, the master league will be the only thing that might interest me. The other two glorify poor IVs and there is no way I’m stacking that trash in my storage.


Hardcore PvE players could start with Master League, using their already-maxed Machamps, Metagrosses, Mamoswines, Tyranitars and legendaries.

I like the idea, because right now I’m limited to availability of my friends/rivals. However, I wouldn’t like it to be as limiting as raid passes, meaning that you can PvP other players using valuable premium items or as the wording suggests, walking certain distances. I’m the average player that makes 35-50km a week, and if I need to walk more to play more, it simply won’t happen.

As for the investment, I honestly just stopped investing on PvE stuff and switched my attention to PvP. In my situation there’s zero reason to keep powering up stuff for raids or gyms. I’ve got a couple of maxed out of everything that mattered half year ago and raid in rather large groups. Sure, here and there you get a hundo Psystrike Mewtwo and 98% Darkrai and you power it up because it’s nice, but that’s it. I understnad those who don’t enjoy PvP, but it gave me personally the competitive endgame I needed to keep up playing.


If I wanted to play more fruit ninja, I’d download fruit ninja.


As someone who enjoys PvP (at least the great league), but dislikes trying to set up matches remotely, this will be right up my street. I do fight quite a lot in face-to-face local contests, but it’s basically the same small-ish selection of people each time and that gets a bit boring. Certainly doesn’t help that one of the local players is an Ace, who reached the top 10 of the Silph League - matches against him are largely one-sided. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just hope the walking requirement isn’t too steep as that would be a real turnoff.


Depends on the rewards. I’ve been building up my great league collection lately so we’ll see if it’s worth the effort.

I can’t stop imagine the walking thing like: “make 10km for a free PvP battle daily!!!, but you can also buy new PvP passes for only 100 coins each one, isn’t that exciting!!!”



But it still require unlock second moves on Master League mons or you will be food for others.

If they change that winning give something compared to losing, maybe I’ll give it a try. As now i simply dont see any sense of wasting precious dust and taking space for PvP mons.

Yeah im really excited for finally an accessible competitive element, but am somewhat sceptical about this “Walking” element to it… i hope this isnt a major influence on how it works

I would like a feature where you have to walk an individual pokemon as your buddy before you can use him in battle. Finding ten candies, the same as required for Pikachu to sit on your shoulder, sounds about right. That way, one can design a team of three starters within a lazy week (or a busy day). But a team of legendaries would require serious effort.

Niantic could sell training aids that make walking more efficient, similar to star pieces and lucky eggs.

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Those grapes looking real sour gotta say :man_shrugging:t2:


True, which is probably where most hardcore PvE players would start off. The costs in the ML are some of the highest since there’s so many Legendaries that get used, but hardcore PvE’ers are more likely to invest in a Dialga than a Medicham, so you have a point.

If this new Battle League system has enticing rewards, I have a hunch a lot of players will start caring about PvP. Take t5 raids for example. There’s a reason we’ll go out in crappy weather, cobble together a group of multiple people, and go to multiple locations for them. Because the rewards are enticing. If t5 raids gave mediocre rewards and a “good job, you won!” pat on the back rather than a reward bundle and a chance to capture a legendary Mon, people wouldn’t be interested in those either. If Niantic can make Battle League appealing enough, people will do it.

Pokémon Go… You have to walk…

Jeez who’d have thought? :man_shrugging:t3:


That’s not the point. If I have to walk certain distances to get free passes I’ll simply continue to PvP like I do today, period. Competitive gameplay is more fun when you can binge do it, not depending on in-game tasks to unlock it.


Take the playerbase of any town and then list the people who do care about raids and then the people who do serious pvp(cp 10 mon teams and secondary account tapping to collect awards/get the medals asap don’t count)…
My entire town doesn’t have anyone who cares about it. The other towns in my country have a handful of people who care somewhat more, but it’s quite limited. So yes, only a fraction of players care about pvp compared to raids.

I myself have my reasons why the current format of pvp turns me off(poor IVs glorification, due to the cp formula exploit), but I wouldn’t be bothered by this, if Niantic would be just as interested in making improvements in raids, instead of ignoring the glitches people report since the beginning of raids.

Highly doubt that they will give us legendary pokemon as rewards. The other stuff is present already, although let’s be real, they could increase the TM rate, cause you get like one every three months.
Unless they will give us something like exclusive TMs or IV increase/decrease items only via this option, then I don’t see how people will care more about it. However, another problem remains with this. You could then get the same awards by defeating a team of 10 CP pokemon. This wouldn’t increase the interest in the actual feature. It would actually remain the same like people already do now by farming sinnoh stones.

As of raids, it’s not just better rewards. Many people also do it to meet up with others or to meet new people. Remote pvp battles don’t offer that.
Team rocket battles are quite close to master league pvp and they are far more interesting. You need a proper team to beat them and you get decent rewards for it. My main criticism as of now is that there is way too much zubat, ratata and other meh species. Something that can be solved via future updates.

It’s bad and a waste of time to attempt an improvement on a portion of the game, which, according to you, is a portion most people (on an international scale) don’t care about in the first place, because by them doing so, they’re ignoring all the problems which occur with the portion that enjoys way more popularity.

You know I’m not sure but I feel like Niantic can look at the raid activity and boxes purchased with raid passes, and credibly assume that although the raid system may experience some hiccups, they’re doing pretty damn good in that arena, then look at PVP the same way and conclude that improving the PVP experience in terms of features would be a fruitful and logical move.

I don’t know that all of your claims can be correct at the same time.

“that most players don’t care about” either this isn’t true, because Niantic would just let it die on the vine rather than push it, or

“instead of ignoring the glitches people report since the beginning of raids” this isn’t true, because you would need to prove this claim on multiple levels, starting from proving Niantic actively has addressed nothing from update to update, ending with proving that the consensus among the raid base is that raids are too buggy (if so, why raid so much?), OR

“Team rocket battles are quite close to master league pvp and they are far more interesting. You need a proper team to beat them and you get decent rewards for it.“ this isn’t true, because why on Earth would anyone go from rocket stop to rocket stop depleting potions and revives for 500 dust a pop, something which you can obtain by catching 5 Pokémon? That reward sucks, man. That’s nothing unless you’ve got a Star Piece on and your whole block is rocket stops. So why do so many rocket battles? Two reasons - the chance of easily obtaining a high IV Pokémon, which is also one of the reasons people raid, and the second reason is that more people enjoy the PVP battling experience than you believe.

So all things considered, those quotes just can’t all be true at the same time. My thing though is you just come across like your personal distaste for the PVP feature should generally override everything, even though you can simply continue to ignore that part of the game. If you’re that sold on that viewpoint, you are not the audience this upcoming feature is for anyway, no logic in just being bitter there.