Go battle league reward Driftblim with 8/7/0 IV

Hello everyone,

I thought that the minimum threshold IVs for a pokemon reward from go battle league is 10/10/10, but I just caught this trash 8/7/0 driftblim from it.

Maybe the legendary are still 10. The two I got were higher

Bizarre, I haven’t saved many of my GBL rewards but the dozen or so I have, including a few from this season are all 10+.

I got a 1/7/13 Mienfoo, but 2 Uxie all over 10/10/10.

I saw nothing announced anywhere

Can confirm, got 3 Gothita with absolute crap IVs today. Either an unnanounced GBL change for this season (shouldn‘t that have been there since the start though then?) or one of Niantics famous fuck-ups of some kind.

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I had the same exact issue this weekend on go battle day. I had been playing for months almost daily and never got anything under a 2* all of a sudden on saturday september 18 2021 all of the pokemon encounters i got from battle rewards were 0* with horrible iv. I contacted app support and first the said “its a bug but its been fixed and that the ivs are random” i messaged back saying it wasnt fixrd and i was still getting 0* rewards. Then they keep claiming theres no minimum iv for the rewards and that its the same as wild catches. They are full of shit because as soon as go battle day was over it went back to normal.

To be honest, its was great. PvP pokemons with 10/10/10 guarantee are only worth XL( if you get it). I would love to see this change permanently.

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