Go Battle League : Season 13 ( Mythical Wishes )

Thanks @donniep4 and @TulipsRenegade

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Charm’s Power is reduced.

Poison Fang Energy requirement increased.


Is it about Feather Dance ?

A pathetic decision, yet again :


Charm is shown as a normal type move.

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And below Vulpix in Go Battle Day :


Big sad
Welp. Better get my kicks in while I can 'cause ML is going to be pretty much out-of-reach next season as I have 0 desire to ever touch XL candy.

That’s my guess. Couple of big typos in there. Anybody know if the Charm nerf is going to be very meaningful?

From The Silph Road Reddit

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How good is Ember for Ninetales ?

Not lol
The higher energy generation from Fire Spin is probably more useful.

Thanks :+1:

It’s an unpopular decision, but at least they gave an official announcement and time for when they will be finished.

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@GenesisSupernova better to edit the topic adding the infographic provided by @donniep4, it’s better to have both things as info is more organised by silph road (and because you do not have exit the page to see it :wink:) and because Niantic “update” with al the typos is honestly lame. Really sad.

Stopped playing a while ago, but I still like to see how things develop. This balance is bittersweet.
Charm was a long hated move everyone was now ok with, why to nerf it now and not before is beyond me, but count me in.
FINALLY after all this time they’ve made something to fix dumb nidoqueen (competitive playerbase is happy with this), 40/40 I guess, one more poison jab to spam PF is more balanced, and golbat because of WA wont feel the change at all…
Speaking of WA I like it (if it is WA wich is going to be changed and not feather dance as Niantic said), more noctowl and pelliper is funny to see.

Movepool updates:
not a single mon wants poltergeist,
incinerate :+1:,
meteor beam is good but I dont see any of these mons making an impact,
Brutal swing good “coverage”,
High horsepower is the most meaningfull adittion this season, rapidash has poison/steel coverage and mamos a better ground move in higher leagues.
Not season 12, but approved


Dusclops finally has a nuke.

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Good summary. I’m interested to see how much better mamo performs in ML now that it can really kick up some dirt. Also a pretty decent PvE improvement! Comes in just under Mega Swampert and that’s the non-shadow!

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Return dusclops has been a thing for years, a very good Nuke indeed (prefer punch set but a lot of people likes nuke). Now serious question, is really dusclops and not dusknoir? The image says clops but shows noir…
@captpepperjack good to know about PvE, seems promising. In máster league it was very nice, used it with a lot of success before zacian era. It will now secure the melmetal matchup upon landing, and vs metagross is 78% vs previous 62%, according to pvpoke…


It still lives in the shadow of Landorus-T, but a good budget attacker like Excadrill. But the 1-bar nature and its vulnerable typing often hurts.

Just as a confirmation, this means that the MLC (lvl 40) will never return?

Personaly I had no intentions on give XL candies to any legendary to be able to use them on the MLC because to me as a casual player reach the lvl 50 on a legendary is near to imposible but if this is true I will give all the XL to my legendaries, I won’t use them anyway in the ML :disappointed:

Only the MLC is affected right?

After this season, all classic formats will be gone. That includes MLC, MLPC and any other Ultra classic leagues.

Only Aurorus can charge up quickly. Others are slow.