GO Battle League

So, Niantic has begun to roll out the Battle League to us depending on trainer level. Has anyone had any luck using the system as yet? I’m still locked out for now but I’m curious to give it a go. Also, what are your thoughts on the system as a whole from what we know so far?

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My thoughts:

It should be fun. Battling random people, trying to be better than them, will raise everyone’s game.

I don’t like that the rewards are a lot better if you play with a premium pass vs. a free pass. I could see a little better, but 1 RC turning into 7, 2000 extra dust for the larger dust rewards, or a middling dust award becoming a TM is pretty extreme.

That said, if one is average at PvP, one would win 2.5 battles, giving one 2.5/7 chances at getting 7 RC, for an expected value of 2.5, or 2.0 RC more than using a free pass. Whereas, one could realistically expect to get 3 RC on average from the pass if used for a T5 raid. Not sure that’s a good deal.

On the other hand, the encounter rewards are the same for Basic and Premium, chance at something. When one has reached the 7th tier, those encounters include Deino and Litwick, with a 1/13 chance each, assuming all possible encounters are equally weighted (they may not be).

We’ll see how it plays out. Here’s hoping for few startup bugs, …




my dudes. They shouldn’t put the dang button there just to say it’s LOCKED.


They call that a tease. As long as it doesn’t last too long, it’s not a problem. 2-3 days at most. And one of those days, depending on your level, it will not be blued out, and you’ll sample that part of the game for the first time. Those of us who like PvP are pretty excited.

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It’s a cover-up!

I’m not up-to-date on the update BUT counterintuitive to think a lot of players will pay for a feature that for a year+ they would barely play for free (plus minimal daily rewards)

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Yes, but there’s battle rankings. As you get higher rankings, you get better rewards. Don’t you want to have the highest battle ranking? I mean, it’s peer recognition, and there’s points. Points are better than anything, …

Seriously, you can play for free every time you walk 5 km. As a free player, I’ll take what I can get without using the premium passes to play. If I happen to rank high once in a while, great.


Having said I’m a not PvP’er other than for daily rewards, I am more willing to play more when it is masters since 1000 tier 5 raids gets you “good” (enough candy to max+2nd move)

Same here. Players that buy passes will already be getting more rewards since they will be battling more. Handing out more dust and candy just because someone threw some coins down turns it into a cash grab.

See, I don’t particularly mind that so much. If anything, it actually a gives me something to use my premium raid passes on and allows me to earn more Stardust and Rare Candies so I don’t have to drip feed my mons as much.

(For context, I don’t get to raid too much because of my work hours and such so if I don’t find any raids I can solo on my way to work or when I’m out on a day off, my passes just go unused; plus I regularly have to nuke my Stardust to try catching up to my girlfriend after I took a stupid long break so I’m regularly floating at about 150k SD)

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People play for glory. There’s no real glory in Pokemon GO right now. You can’t easily show off your shiny collections, can’t actually express through the game that you have hundos or legacy 'mons or whatever. It’s all just, well, meaningless collecting that you can’t actually improve yet and say nothing about you as a player except for (1) time spent in the game and (2) how lucky you are. Ratings and skill-based modes, like PvP, are what make games more competitive, and games that are more competitive make more money and stay popular longer. PvP is Pokemon GO’s true endgame.

Meanwhile, with the PvP system, I think more and more people will find it engaging and try to climb. It might feel really sucky for a week while Silph players (like everyone I’ve been chatting with in the GO Stadium Discord) clobber everyone, but it’ll even out pretty fast as people get placed on the rankings.

Once players start to get matched against players closer to their level, I think people will be able to have a lot of fun! I personally like the Raid pass rewards - they give you rewards similar to Raids, meaning you can get the loot of Raids by having fun battling, instead of trying to catch legendary Pokemon and going out.

It’s a bit disappointing that the release has been delayed because of bugs, but I’m excited as a PvP player, and I can guarantee that the rest of the PvP community is too (I’ve been chatting with them all day about theories and excitement and annoyance at the delay lol).

I can say that we are disappointed it’s Blind 3v3 (3v3 without knowing what the opponent is bringing), rather than 6v6 with team preview and then you pick 3 to use in the game (similar to the VGC format in the main games, and how the Silph Road tournaments are run). Our hopes weren’t very high though, it’s just a bummer.


I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of this either and hope this isn’t the start of a trend. It’s like if the rewards you got from raids were vastly different depending on whether you used your daily free pass or a premium pass.


Well, pay to win seems to be the moto of many multiplayer games nowadays.

As there is little skill involved into pokemon go, going up the ranks depends on 4 factors

  • How long you play for
  • How much money you spend
  • How much do you cheat (spoofing, multi-accounting, external IV checkers, etc)
  • Where do you live

Being hammered by somebody with 3 maxed lv40 giratinas,etc with perfect IVs for PVP they got from buying a million passes, plays 10 hours a day and lives in Tokio city center with who gyms within reach of his house, who likes that?

Uhh I don’t think you can use 3 copies of the same Pokemon.

Plus everyone here seems to be implying that farming high ivs out of legendaries or rare Pokemon aren’t cash grabs.

That´s the reason for the “etc”. As I don´t PVP I don´t even know what´s good or not.

All I know is some of us are going to get anoyed when somebody else uses a “bot” to farm perfect “PVP” mons and beat us in battles all the time. Same as the old gym system.

Until now if somebody cheated or spent lots of money it did not affect my game play in any negative way. Somebody spoofs to my raid and has a ton of lv40 Rays? great, let them help me.

It’s not p2w, though. You could buy all the premium passes you want and still lose every match regardless of the Pokémon you put in :man_shrugging:

Besides, the GBL is starting off with Great League for the first two weeks before rotating to Ultra, then to Master. Ain’t no Giratinas in Great League


Also Great League is filled with Pokemon that anyone can possibly have.

Altaria, Skarmory, Azumarill, Medicham, Community Day Starters, Haunter, Drifblim…

Basically the stuff that you can get very easily if you had been in during events or do some proper catching.

Low attack iv mons now don’t even matter as much as before now because high attack mons go first.

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No but Registeel is (and the other Regis are too), also Deoxsys is or Cresselia or… just a few examples of Pokemon not that cheap and not that easy to get. :wink:

Casual players always will be at a disadvantage to the more serious player, no matter what the league they are playing. How many casual players do you think will be buying the seond attack on their pokemon (and perhaps they will do so on 1 or 2 but not on all the “great” pokemon they could use), and start doing it all over again 14 days later because the pokemon they just made can’t be used anymore (untill that league comes back ofcourse).

Oh yeah, I get that. As you say, a casual player is always gonna be at a disadvantage. Hell, I’m not exactly a casual player, but I’m certainly at a disadvantage compared to just some people on this forum :sweat_smile:

Personally, I’m not looking to invest too much into GL (I’ve picked out a provisional team already which I’ll probably stick with until the rotation happens), but UL and ML will be where I go “tryhard”. That said, I’m oddly interested to get involved with GBL. Normally I avoid PvP like the plague as I tend to get super shaky and anxious which isn’t fun when playing something like LoL or Overwatch, but I’ve found battling on PoGo is a lot more manageable.

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