Go battle rating

Hi everyone

I have been battle this days.

4 win - 1 lose = +3 points
3 win - 2 lose = -1 point
5 win - 0 lose = + 7 points
1 win - 4 lose = -21 points

Most of people who get 3400-3500 points nowadays are not playing anymore and waiting the end of pre season.
Any ideas to up rating?

Same for me. I entered rank 7 at 3.2k and managed to get to 3.25k within the last weeks. Stupid design.
I’m afraid, there is nothing we can do as 50-0 streaks are pretty unlikely at such a rating…

My girlfriend is in an even worse spot. Before the official leagues, we played a lot of battles for fun so she could get all 3 medals to gold. Now, she is stuck to play against people who are way out of her league. She pretty much automatically went up to rank 9, but would fit much better to rank ~5-6.