GO Battle Ultra League Team Fine-Tuning

After getting pummeled for the first few days in the UL and being pretty new to Pokemon GO, I’ve done a little research and tuned my very unprepared sub-2500 Mons as much as I know how to do. I’d like to ask the Community for some pairing advice from my “tuned” guys below.

(First, note that I took my Machamp to 2567 in December and my Harayama while solid and 2240 CP, gets destroyed quickly so I’ve not listed him below. I also don’t have a good ice-type in this area having taken 2 ice Mamoswing to the 2700 / 2800 range in November.)

Golem (Alolan) 2447CP / 148HP 3-Star - Volt Switch, Wild Charge, Stone Edge
Dragonite 2424CP / 141HP 0-star - Dragon Breath, Outrage
Gengar 2488CP / 126HP - 1-star - Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball
Blaziken 2365CP / 150HP 0-star - Counter, Blast Burn, Focus Blast
Torterra 2416CP / 166HP 2-star - Razor Leaf, Frenzy Plant, Sand Tomb
Aggron 2347CP / 130HP 3-star - Dragon Tail, Stone Edge, Thunder

I see Giratina a lot which is close to an insta-death so I was hoping Aggron with Dragon Tail could hold up. I also have a a 2432 Espeon, a 2287 3-star Venusaur, and a decent 2387 Jolteon not listed above.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Commander Keen

The main mon you probably need is swampert with ms/hc/e. He has so many good matchups and the earthquake can beat giratinas and registeels. The venusaur needs frenzy plant and sludge bomb and can also be effective. If you have a clefable or a togekiss they are good as charm users. If you go for togekiss buy a 2nd charge move on a togepi, it is cheaper. Gyarados is also pretty good and a cheaper option with db/c/hp. Final good one is alolan muk. You need s/dp/a poison move. There some debate over which is better. Sludge wave is faster while gunk shot is more of a nuke.

Charizard with blast burn and dragon claw is also good and cheap. Hope this helps. Feel free to leave any questions for me.

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As small changes…
Dragonite charge TM to Dragon Claw even better would be to add second attack Dragon claw. Still you will have trouble with the among of Fairies and Steelix around ready to counter Giratina, its not a bad mon just it gets countered by the same the top meta guy so you kind of asking for trouble.
Blaziken charge TM Focus blast to Blaze Kick, this guy is good enough even tough wont solve the Tina problem even less with shields up, its good against some anti-tina like steelix, snorlax… Main trouble is Togekiss as any fight mob gets wrecked by him.

In general stars alone are not enough as to know how good they are, you could add the attack stat being low on top of it and then at least we can asume its better or worse.

As said If you are having problems with Giratina, get any Fairy with Charm (Clefable, togekiss, granbull) and say goodbye to them. A lot of gira users will hold it in the bench and save shields… You can smile when that happens as Charm will destroy it singlehandly anyway, in general better keep the Charm user for the end even more if you see shield holding.

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I have a Granbull with Charm & Play Rough, but he’s only 1849CP / 145HP. He has a nearly max attack and is max on defense. Is he too weak for the UL?

A-Golem does not fair well in the UL meta, unfortunately. Too many Grass, Water, and Ground types to counter it. Gengar is kinda glassy to that quite a risky pick. Blaziken and Aggron are solid, Torterra might be good but other Grass-types seem to fare better (the Ground sub-typing hinders more than helps).

Unfortunately, you will probably have to sink a lot of stardust into Granbull to get it high enough CP to fare well. Play around with PVPOKE to see what level it starts seeing more wins. You could look for a good Stoutland or purified Snorlax if you’re having trouble with 'tina as they may be more budget picks for you.

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Venusaur has Razor Leaf / Petal Blizzard / Sludge Bomb. I was using either Venusaur or Torterra to counter Swampert which is also common here. I’m thinking that I need Venusaur / Torterra with Dragonite and Blaziken. At least until I get a lot more stardust, evolve my Marshtomp to a Swampert, and get more TMs.

I’ve actually got a pretty good Stoutland, albeit with mismatched attacks. He’s has a good 3-star and high in HP /At/ Df. He has Take Down and Play Rough. A 2nd charged attack is only 10,000 stardust so I should have that this evening. He had “Lick” at one time, but I foolishly replaced it. What would you do to improve this Stoutland?

Stoutland may be good for tina but not for much more… Fairies have the plus of dealing with fighters, dragons in general and being bulky with high damage fast attack, makes them kind of really good overall. Soutland lacks all the rest.

Clefable needs maxing out and granbull close to, so high IV are good, we are in pink event so a 35 lvl one with high IV would be a good adding. Take into account that they mostly damage with Charm and barelly do charged moves so they are not so dependant on the charged moves, with one charged you can manage well enough and save the dust.

As normal mons i wont go much more away than Snorlax with Body Slam (being a problem as he have 2323432 posibilities)

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It needs Lick. Wild Charge is usually picked as the other charge move. Flying-types do a decent job of covering Swampert too, FYI.

Don’t waste your time on your Marshtomp, Swampert needs its CD move Hydro Pump which you wont get a chance to get until December 2020 Community Day. Blaziken might be a decent shout to counter snorlax but it’s a bit puny and limited to Snorlax alone. Bin Gengar, far too frail. Aggron is trash and you already have a much better dragon mon with Dragonite. Golem is weak. Torterra has Frenzy Plant so better than your Venusaur without it. Don;t bother with Jolteon.
Echo other comments that your anti Gira mon has to be fairy. Hammer the valentines day event for as long as its around and get Clefable with charm and get Meteor Mash as it’s a beast. Dragonite will be a half decent Gira counter as they’re likely running Shadow Claw which is neutral against Dragonite where as Dragonite’s Dragon Breath will take good chunks from Gira. Be wary that Gira will charge Dragon Claw faster than you charge Outrage, so you will be better off with a shield for Dragonite, It should be able to take a charge move or two, though. But just pay attention to this as Shadow claw, whilst neutral, is still a powerful move.
Youre Dragonite, Blaziken and Torterra is probably your best team. Start with Dragonite would be my advice. You have an advantage in Dragonite that you don’t have a Mon resisted by Snorlax but I’m not seeing so many Snorlax’s these days so you need another option imo. Clefable would be great. Or a beefy mon with a fast charging FM and low energy multi bar CM. Lugia is good if you have it.
Scour the Ultra League table on here and see what you can realistically get from 4 upwards. Also look for the good moves on the better Mons in the table, search the moves and see what Mons can use it. I searched Leaf Blade and found Gallade has access to it. So Gallade is my anti water mon in Great league. Moves can be more important than mons, so do some research and you’ll soon work it out.

Good luck.

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I appreciate the advice, but you’re speaking Dutch to this noob. What do you mean by “see what you can realistically get from 4 upwards”.
I’m level 7 in the UL and everyone I battle has at least one Legendary and I’m lucky to go 2/5. One of the wins was out of frustration when I ran a Sceptile with Fury Cutter / Leaf Blade / Dragon Claw and I think the other Mon fainted from shock and humiliation.
Looking forward to all of the skilled players with loaded teams moving up. Ran into a dude with Giratina (which I beat with my Aggron) then Mewtwo and when I saw him swap to a Kyogre, I just left the battle. I’m learning and trying to get better, but I feel like a High School basketball team playing an NBA team.
Blaziken get’s nuked from psychic and flying and water and ground and I have to use both shields to get to his cool charged attacks.

If you have a friend that also play (and hopefully play long enough)
Beg him/ her to trade for a CD moves Frenzy Plant Venusaur and Hydro Cannon Swampert preferably that will stay under CP 2500 after trade
There is alternative for that pokemons, but it is goona be expensive or a little bit harder to use after that give both of them a secondary moves and hope to get Sludge Bomb for Venu, and Earthquake for Swampert. If you low on CTM, you can get away with Sludge wave for Swampert, altough Earthquake will gibe you more coversge in Ultra. You can change it to Earthquake later if you have more CTM
Use those two as your base, and add a third one that you feel suit your play style the best preferaaby using what you already have and if you think it is not good enough, you can make other type battle ready pokemon
Learn how to use your line up, pracise using one as lead and change it to another for a lead for example, so you have an idea on what best for your style of battle.
You wont win everytime you battle, but using both as a based in your line up can help, as it is one of the cheapest and easiest to master on how to use it, it strengt and weakneses, etc

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Its CD move is Hydro Cannon, not Hydro Pump.

God-tier moveset.


Look at this list, and see what you have thats 4/5 or above. Even 3.5/5 really - https://gamepress.gg/pokemongo/ultra-league-pvp-tier-list
See if you have an pokemon you could realistically use from those 3.5+ that are either close to 2499CP or you could level up to 2499CP.
Make note of the PvP summary and moves for each of them. Some of those 3.5/5 or above need their community day move to be viable. Frenzy Plant for Venusaur, Hydro Cannon for Swampert, for example.
Think about the moves that counter the usual picks, like Gira-A, Snorlax, Lickilicky, Swampert, Fairy Charmers… You want Ghost, Dragon, Fighting, Grass, Steel and Poison moves. The pokemon you pick need those moves, not necessarily those typings.
Look at the moves those usual picks use. Swampert uses Mud Shot usually, which is weak but charges CM fast, along woth Hydro Cannon. Dragon types resist water. So use your Dragonite against Swampert, for example. Mud shot will do very little damage and Hydro Cannon is resisted. So you dont need to shield if Dragonite is close to full health when Swampert uses it.
Resist the moves, charge your Charge Moves. That’s the key. Swap your mons when you need to and swap fast. Dragon resists Grass too. So use Dragonite against Venusaur which is likely using Frenzy Plant. Again, no shield needed if you have health. You’re wasting their CMs while hitting hem harder than they hit you.
I use Clefable, who is weak to Poison but resists Dark. A Muk is Dark/Poison. A-Muk usually uses Snarl as a FM and Dark Pulse and Sludge Wave as a CM. Cefable resists Snarl, and if it’s CM comes out fast, it’ll be Dark Pulse. Clefable resists that, so I dont sheild. If the CM takes some time to come out, It’ll be Sludge Wave, which is super effective against Clefable, so I sheild.
Moves, damage and resistance is everything. Spend some time researching. Find a type chart to reference. I have one saved in Google docs. You can use it to work out which mons and moves are best.
Just takes a bit of working out mate. Hope this helps.


Also, if you want, post a couple of screenshots of your mons 2499CP or below. Do a couple of pages. I as well as others I’m sure can help you chose which ones to focus on and spend some stardust and candy on and which ones not to. You don’t want to waste resources on mons that aren’t worth it…

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Hi Manko,
Thank you so much for the encouragement and feedback. I took some screenshots of my decent Mons in the 2200 - 2499 range, plus Clefable who I just evolved today but is only at 1583.

Rather than paste a bunch of pictures, I made a shared album in Google Photos. Hopefully this isn’t too much of a pain. If it is, let me know and I’ll post the pictures directly.

Thanks again, and for the broader community, please review these Mons and help educate me. Thank you!

Commander Keen

Because you don’t have much dust, personally I’d suggest first using a few of those closer to 2500 and trying to build a team to counter those more frequent UL opponents such as Giratina-A, Togekiss, Swampert, etc, and later on to power up some more powerful but also more expensive pokemon such as Clefable, Steelix and Snorlax.

For example, you have a Sceptile with Furry Cutter + Leaf Blade, which is very solid against Swampert as long as you don’t get tricked to let a Sludge Wave through. It’s also a very spammy combination which can be quite handy. Dragon Claw looks tempting, but Sceptile won’t be able to beat Giratina-A no matter what because of lack of bulk. If you have a charge TM to spare, you can consider change it to Earthquake to hit Steel and Poison, or Aerial Ace to surprise fellow Grass such as Venusaur and Torterra, or some Fighters like Machamp, depending on the rest of your team. Or if you see that your final team doesn’t have a strong Giratina-A counter, doing chip damage with Dragon Claw is also worth considering;

You also have an Aggron. With Dragon Tail + Stone Edge + Heavy Slam, it usually loses to Giratina-A with Shadow Claw with relatively close margin, and can win against Giratina-A with Dragon Breath (generally less frequent) with also a small margin. So with correct switch strategy and the help of your other two pokemon in your team, it’s possible to take down Giratina-A. Moreover, Aggron resists to Togekiss and Clefable’s fast move Charm, and can hit back with Super Effective Heavy Slam or Stone Edge, so it can also serve to check Fairies (but beware of Granbull’s Close Combat which can annihilate Aggron). You can also consider changing Dragon Tail into Smack Down, which allows you to hit Fire and Flying much harder, both of which can give trouble to Sceptile, but you gain energy much slower, which makes you lose harder to Giratina-A especially if it still has a shield.

Now, you have your Aggron which can check Fairies such as Togekiss and Clefable, as well as a fighting chance against Giratina-A, but it’s weak to Fighting, Ground and Water, and have no answer to Steel for example. Ground and Water can usually be checked by Sceptile, but you’ll need to choose whether to have extra coverage for Fighting and Grass (Aerial Ace) or Steel and Poison (Earthquake) depending on which type you see more often, or to do chip damage to Gira-A with Dragon Claw. So for the third mon, I’m inclined to choose Dragonite, and changing its move into Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw. Ideally I’d suggest unlocking its 2nd move and preserving Outrage for a nuke option, but candies and dust can be costly. With DB + DC, you have the possibility to narrowly win against Giratina-A, as well as wall Swampert if it has its Water + Ground moveset. This way, you don’t need to rely on Sceptile for chip damage, thus freeing it for other coverages.

So now, you have a team that can more or less cover each other. Dragonite has generally good matchups against many things except for Fairy and Ice, and can wall Swampert. Aggron can help you against Fairy and lend a hand with Giratina-A, but is weak to Swampert and such, which can be checked by Sceptile, which itself is not effective against Fire and Flying which can be somewhat checked by Aggron and Dragonite. Of course, there are still many glaring weaknesses, such as Ice, which both Sceptile and Dragonite are weak against. Aggron can’t really handle those Water type pokemon with Ice move as coverage, while Sceptile will need to be much more careful. But at least with this approach you can more or less have a budget team as a starting point to work a strategy around it, such as which pokemon to lead in the battle, how to lure out the big threat of your team, etc, without breaking the bank.

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Not sure about this but I beat a G-O with mine, fair and square. I had a shield still and it had none. Had a Claw saved up and just kept hammering him, finished with a Leaf Blade. That was a close battle, I like those kind.

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I haven’t used it myself, but from the sim on pvpoke, Sceptile very narrowly loses to Gira-O in the 1-0 shield situation. With a DC saving up, it likely can flip the match like you did. But with Gira-A being more bulky and DC more spamming than Shadow Ball and Ominous Wind, the losing gap for Sceptile seems much wider.

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