Go get that CD box right now

That is all thank you for your time

Holy crap

thank you, this was an insta-buy (gotta love the google rewards app)

Holy crap.

Did they change it or was this a troll? Cuz right now it’s ultra balls, super incubators, and star peice

Yeah, same.

Im not impressed by few ultra balls, 6 star piece and some lure modules either

I mean if y’all are always good paying almost x4 the coins for other boxes with a decent quantity of Star Pieces and Super Incubators, cool, but this is the first worthy CD box in a long time.

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The valuable items in any box are star pieces, raid passes and incubators. In today’s box, there were 10 valuable items for 48 coins each. I can’t remember the last time this happened. I normally consider a box to be good value if the average cost of valuable items is 60 coins.