GO Home linking

Aside from it being far more difficult than it ought to be, a question about GO Home:

My account is linked to a Pokemon GO Home account, and I can transfer any old junk there to get my Meltan box refreshed. If I have a ‘kid’ who uses a different account on my phone, can that account also link to the same Pokemon GO Home account, or does my ‘kid’ have to create their own Home account?

I have set up a separate Home account for Mr9.

Someone may tell you a work around, but this was the easiest solution that I found.
I also didn’t want him in any of my accounts, so for us that was the best solution.

You can indeed use the same Home account for multiple Go accounts. My friends and I all use mine so there’s 4 at least, not sure if there’s a limit

Linked ‘kid’ account from the same device. I have no idea which password I used, but the device remembered. Connection was trivial, transferred a pokemon, Meltan box is active. Easiest solution by far.

Thanks for the help, aSp and BallinTaco.

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