GO Rocket Balloons Spawning More Often?

Is this happening to anyone else? It used to be every 6 hours at 6AM, 12PM, 6PM, and 12AM. Recently I’ve been getting balloons at 9AM, 3PM and 9PM (haven’t been lucid enough to check 3AM), even though I’d already fought them at the original 6/12 times. Not that I’m complaining; it lets me farm more shadows, complete the rocket medals, and I don’t need to waste any pokeballs to get my daily catches (saving for CDs as I can’t leave my house and no pokestops near me). I’m pretty much living off of gifts and rocket balloons at this point.


It sounds like you’re live in a rural area?

Team Go Rocket is spawning at increased rate at poke stops. I am not sure about the Team Go Rocket balloons because I have been to focused on the grunts at the poke stops.

I am wondering if there will be some surprise Team Go Rocket event next week since Jessie & James will only be available for 1 more week.

There have been a lot of Rocket Balloons, but I did some rocket stops, too. Today got a 13/15/15 shadow Magnemite and #18 Ultra Shadow Lapras, if that ever proves worthwhile. Seems I’ve done 300 Rocket battles since the end of Go Fest, well more than average today (bc I did some at stops)

Yes, regular as clockwork twice as often as before.

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Good to know. Hope it stays this way cause I accidentally misclicked and paid for a second charge move for a porygon I wasn’t gonna use… it’s gonna take so long to get that 50k dust back and I feel like an idiot. Thankfully rocket grunts give out stardust too

Stardust is the main reason I do Rocket battles. Or battle my friends. Or one of the leaders, PvP, Raiding… but yes they’ve started spawning every 3 hours for me at least (instead of the normal 6) .