GoBattleSim request - Relobby time



TLDR: Is it possible to add a “delayed entry time” to each Player’s party??

I am trying to decide for my Rayquaza duo attempt if it is better to relobby with my A team (I would need 30 seconds to Max Revive them all) or re-enter the fight with my B team (I would need 5 seconds).

I understand with the current GoBattleSim version (v3.7.0) you can relobby instantaneously, and you should add your desired relobby time to the TTW in a solo to know if the outcome would be really possible.
But, if we are attempting a duo, and both players won’t relobby at the same time (we don’t want the boss to regain helath), I don’t know how to “add” those 30 seconds for each player for each relobby, given that when one player is relobbing the other one is still hitting the boss (and the boss does not charge energy for receiving so much damage).

If it could be possible to add to the settings of eah party a “delayed entry time” (and taken into account when doing the battle simulation itself, this is, for that time, that player isn’t doing any damage), this would solve all my questions, therefore you could:
. simulate a closer to reality raid battle, to really know its outcome
. better decide if you need to invest in a B team, or if you “spare” attackers could be transfered to your partners to make their teams better

I think PokeBattler does use a relobby time (don’t know how much) for its “Estimator” number, and I think it can’t be choosed for each party (and I like GoBattleSim :grin:).
A “delayed entry time” as proposed could also be useful to know if we have to use the “Empty Party Trick” for winning the raid (delayed entry time := 0 for first party).

I am sorry if this is too much to ask, I really don’t know how is GoBattleSim programmed and if this feature could be implemented.



Hey, I’ve forwarded your request to the PoGo team! He should get in touch here with you shortly since he’ll know a ton more than I do, haha.