GoBattleSim vs Pokebattler about Psystrike Mewtwo

Recently there was an interesting debate in Silph Road Reddit whether Psystrike Mewtwo(as it is now - and I feel like Niantic would not buff it) is better or worse than Psychic one.

Point is, Pokebattler thinks Psychic > Psystrike, while GoBattleSim thinks Psystrike > Psychic for raids. And Pokebattler owner does not seem to be able to pin down the cause of discrepancy.

Does Gamepress team know about this?
I mean, that amount of difference (several seconds of TTW) would not matter much to trainers, but it would be a good chance for the Gamepress to advertise GoBattleSim, which is unfortunately less popular than Pokebattler.
Ok, to be frank, I prefer Pokebatter because of graphical interface (I use these simulation result to write articles in non-English website) and the function to find optimal counter. However, for more exact simulation, I use GoBattleSim because I trust it more.

And also, if Gamepress team can explain what is making discrepancy between two simulators, it would be interesting also.

In my opinion both are extremely advanced battle simulators, and well, guess I’ll mix Psystrike Mewtwos and Psychic Mewtwos in raids later.

Well, i think that will be a improvement but there is still some time to niantic change de data and give a upgrade to psystrike