God do I love light season

Best season in AR by far for me (no surprise seeing that I have double Res boosting Mythics in a gm where Mages tends to be the bigger threats), and I’m actually surprised that both 9f my Dragons both lived from an attack from Dragon killers… Tho not quite surprised for H.Grima since she does have DR

Did H.Grima die, sure, but she was also my 6th anyways


Thrasir on dark :feh_bylethconfusion:


Don’t ask me, I just fight they people, I don’t build their teams


But then again, I use my Light blessed FF.Corrin in Astra season also


I know, I’m judging them

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Maybe the only D Mythic they have is Thrasír?

+10 Res is no joke

Ah yes, low tier Light season where no one gets punished for bringing 6 offense buildings since no one has a real defense


Well tbf I still see real Defenses in t21-25

I love Light Season too. :feh_flaynfish:

+10 Res is no joke

Oh trust me I know

I also just did my AR run for the day and their was the typical Lunge Galeforce Eliwood… and I watched as she tanked 6 hit from him