God job. Now die in a fire

The Delta Virus and “further mutations” will ensure the pandemic lasts for over 2 more years at least to a decade.

Vaccines are declared useless (75% out of 700 people in Masachusetts infected) and masks, social distancing and lockdowns are there to stay especially you are in Japan, SK or Sydney, and they will return to the US mandated. The big relapse is coming. Haha

Thanks for destroying the game. Tomorrow I expect 0 man Dialga lobbies in Hong Kong, 45 mins straight.

I could solo Dialga no problem. But it would only be a vulgar display of my power. Instead, I choose not to so that I can remain an example of restraint and responsibility. Each day I walk a hard line. You want me on that wall; you need me on that wall.


That’s what happens when you’re given Chinese made medication.

Meanwhile, in civilised countries, our Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines are doing exactly what they’re meant to (Johnson & Johnson should stick to making talcum powder)

P.S. I’m not sure where you get your information from, but there are more than 700 people living in Massachusetts

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Meanwhile, in civilised countries, our Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines are doing exactly what they’re meant

It’s working pretty well in England too.

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So are you going to stop playing the game now, Chicken Little?

You should learn either how to read or how to write in English.

The text states that out of the 700 infected people in 74% were fully vacinated, the text also states that fully vacinated people carry as much virus as non vacinated people… the biggest advantage of fully vacinated people is that only 4 needed to go to hospital… so yes you are right the “older” vaccins are worse against the newer variants (compared to the older variants) but they still protect you pretty well against getting (very) sick. So you get lot’s more people infected but less people sick. And if you don’t get sick the vaccin did it’s job verry well didn’t it?

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Masks and social distancing are coming back for many countries and more are in lockdown. As long as there are not 0 cases all over the world in 2 weeks, this does not end.

If the usa goes back into lockdown soon I wonder what Niantic will do. Destroy the players?

I came here to post similarly to @ikke but they’ve summed this up well. These vaccines may not prevent infection but they do lessen the effects of the virus, preventing hospitalisation in some cases, death in others and a reduction in severity of symptoms. Full disclosure - I have been fully vaccinated and apart from the 5G thought pings, I’m doing fine :slight_smile:

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Vaccines do work. They helped us get rid or limited several bad diseases in the past and with covid they also descrease the chance of getting a serious case a lot. I got my shot and deapite working in with 100+ costumers daily for over a year I haven’t gotten the virus.

The extended lockdowns and curfews and what not however don’t really work. In my country all what they affected was making everyday life more inconvinient and the new cases just rose till the vaccines didn’t come. I frankly don’t see how a new lockdown would help in my country. Those who don’t care still won’t care and I am certain the new infections would skyrocket regardless.

Niantic though is once again very greedy…

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Niantic though is once again very greedy

Implying that the people pushing for all the lockdowns, masks and social distancing aren’t greedy for unbridled power already?

Plus vaccines are great at bringing out one’s reptilian side, thanks to the DNA nanobots included in every dose. You become part of a wider community - the lizard community. It really is an enriching thing.

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Stop interaction seems to be halved

The British Royal family are already lizards so we’re well ahead of the game here. I believe if you touch the queen you automatically acquire immunity to Covid variants through to Psi.

@CatEyePorygon the lockdowns were more to do with limiting transmission of infection so the health services could cope, rather than any long term fix.

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@Mr-ex777 I’m curious as to what power social distancing and mask wearing gives to those enforcing it?

Did this just happen? I have a stop at my home, so I’ll be able to check this out really fast…what a massive shame of Niantic to bring back these distances.

It’s the actual information from the pokeminer’s post that Mr Tinfoil Hat above is going on about. It’s all theories at present but seems possible this will be the long term distances globally when the update is pushed - whenever that may be.

It is of course subject to change depending on how the USA/NZ trial goes. Worth remembering they tried the weird pokecoins system with Aus/NZ iirc and that never happened so trial does not of course always equate to what happens.

And yes, masks and social distancing give nobody any power, it’s just the best excuse the idiots have got for fighting against having to exercise some social responsibility.

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I can’t remember what the distances were pre-pandemic sadly. Given I’m in Aus and tend to get these changes earlier, I’ll keep an eye on it - at the moment it seems the same. I remember the pokecoins trial we had - it was either super annoying…or done at 12.01am

The stop distance seems to be the only one halved, so the good news is that it looks like gyms will stay the same.

I think there’s a good while of the test period to go yet, which I’ve just checked is currently only NZ/US so you’re safe for now. But it appears likely to be coming.

I expect this will likely affect a good few players negatively so maybe a bit of a backlash will revert to the old one?

On the plus side, the gyms being kept at the same distance are good.

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Psychological conditioning.

Had you heard of Lisa Trevor of Resident Evil or Robin from one of those Batman cartoons (Joker) or the Bat Who Laughs?

They lock the kid up and deny them free movement. When they were found they become monstrosities.

The exact motive is like Umbrella from Resident Evil. But by psychological tricks and not a virus of course.

By the way, this is because you asked. I can talk about half machine feral cannibals and gmo humans but I hope we do not reach this point of low.